As part of the Aldgate Project the ASD Projects Office – in collaboration with the architecture and design agency Publica – organised a series of lectures by eight individuals all who have carried out creative projects in response to and based around the area of Aldgate.


“The walks and lecture series drew on 5 years of Publica and General Public Agency work in Aldgate – from the ‘Aldgate Public Realm Strategy’ to projects with Whitechapel Gallery and Design for London. Over this time we have become acutely aware of Aldgate’s culturally and historically rich, fragmented, fast-changing character, and how many differing opinions there are about its future.


We were aware of many artists and practitioners who have responded to Aldgate and used it as a site for making creative work, both independently and through organisations such as the Women’s Library and Artsadmin. The lecturs were an opportunity to hear about these projects in detail. We paired each speaker to create four curated evenings that would draw out themes of intervention, analysis, political activism and observation present in the artists’ practices. The speakers were: Nabil Ahmed, Holly Lewis, Lucinda Rogers, Richard Hougez, Laura Oldfield Ford, Alan Dein and Philipp Ebeling. The Q&A sessions were chaired by Ruth Beale.”


Ruth Beale, Publica

Publica is a London based public space Consultancy and Community Interest Company (CIC) specialising in research and practice in the public realm.