Designing Out Waste

The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project
The Aldgate project

Designing out waste

The project is carried out by postgraduate Polymer Science & Engineering students supervised by Elena Onyshchenko in collaboration with architecture students (Studio 3). This collaboration is going to extend to areas of Fashion/Textiles, Product Design & Jewellery and Silversmithing. The themes identified and used in the project are Trade and Super-Local.



  1. Increase opportunities for urban farming
  2. Bring nature into urban spaces
  3. Make markets fit for the 21st century
  4. Create costumes for local festivals


The work carried out in Semester 1 was aimed at information gathering for project definition and is outlined below:


  1. Researched ideas for mini projects based around the Aldgate Projects
  2. Completed an inventory of urban capacity in the Aldgate area
  3. Scoped research proposal, designed methodology
  4. Carried out feasibility studies to improve sustainability of local trade
  5. Identified opportunities to raise local awareness of waste management and recycling


Ideas generated in Sem.1 will be extended during Sem. 2 and include carrying out practical experiments, material selection and design consideration for re-use & recycling of plastics products/components used in urba n farming & city re-generation projects. The work is planned to complete during the summer semester via major projects and will cover:


  1. Potential for innovative design
  2. Potential for natural fibre production & composite reinforcement (plant roots)
  3. Potential to transform empty buildings into city farms and grow material for food, fabric and medicine reducing transportation driven carbon emissions
  4. Materials & design consideration for pop-up infrastructures
  5. Designing secure, non-toxic & temperature controlled storage for food products
  6. Potential to use recycled plastics and composite materials for fish tanks, pots & growing/filtrating systems
  7. Educating the public about new approaches to waste management
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