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European Centre for Research on Identity and Citizenship

About the Centre

The European Centre for Research in Identity and Citizenship is an exciting and innovative project within the CiCe Network. We aim to develop a Centre of Excellence that will help support post-graduate researchers and supervisors by:

  • Running doctoral research conferences for students researching in the field of citizenship and identities
  • Developing and running a doctoral summer school
  • Publishing guidance for post-graduate researchers
  • Publishing guidance for research supervisors
  • Providing workshops at CiCe annual conference to support career and professional development

This Centre is designed to promote research in citizenship and identity for academic researchers and doctoral students. It offers opportunities for research networking in this field.

The Centre focuses on four major activities:

  • Research Networking

The Centre connects with 8 international research centres around Europe (England, France, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, and Turkey).  
It aims at facilitating international and cross-cultural studies and research in multi-disciplinary contexts.

It constitutes a network of researchers as it includes profiles of academics currently researching citizenship and identity and supervising doctoral students in this area, and it houses a directory of former doctoral students who participated in previous research student conferences.

  • Doctoral Studies

Through a series guidelines, the Centre assists doctoral supervisors by:

- providing Supervision Guidance;
- advising on how to organise doctoral seminars/workshops/conferences/running a summer school;
- promoting international cooperation in supervision (e.g. co-tutelles)
- providing examples of doctoral programme structures.

With a series of guide booklets, the Centre supports doctoral students by providing guidance on:

- writing research papers;
- presenting at conferences;
- preparing conference posters;
- liaising  with one’s supervisor;
- structuring the dissertation/thesis
- promoting/publishing research.

  • Resources Section

    A Resource section provides an annotated bibliography of useful publications, teachings materials to support research, papers from previous student conferences, booklets illuminating different aspects and issues in citizenship and identity.

  • Capacity Building

- Organizing Research Student conferences
- Establishing a Research Student Summer School


CiCe members who have research or literature relating to the above themes are kindly invited to send their materials to the following address:



The Centre is organized with a Director and a Directorate, and it is supported by an International Advisory Board.

Director: Prof.Márta Fülöp,  Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary.

Associate Directors:
Prof. Penelope Harnett
, University of the West of England, UK
Prof. Roger Johansson, University of Malmo, Sweden
Prof. Christine Roland-Lévy, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France

Advisory Board Members

Terri Epstein, USA
Kerry Kennedy, Hongkong

David Kerr, UK
Erich Kirchler, Austria
Antal Örkény, Hungary

Alistair Ross, UK
Klaus Boehnke, Germany
Carla Peck, Canada

Full details of the members of the Directorate and Advisory Board profiles can be found here.



The Centre publishes guidelines to support post-graduate research, research supervision and course-design in the field of citizenship and identities.

Please click here for full details


CiCe Summer School CALL FOR PAPERS
Research Methods in Citizenship and Identity
9-14 June 2014

University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland
Organized by the European Centre for Research on Citizenship and Identity

Rationale for the Summer School
The Summer School is designed to support doctoral students researching citizenship and/or identity, including students who previously attended the CiCe Student Research Conference.

Students, will have the opportunity to present and to discuss their research with other students from a range of disciplines; to plan collaboratively a cross disciplinary research project on issues related to citizenship and/or identity; to explore in depth key research issues with experts in the fields of methodology, ethics and data analysis, and to hear of research conducted by leading international experts.

  • keynote and plenary sessions
  • research training (methods, ethics, data analysis, ...)
  • workshops
  • presentations of student research
  • peer-to-peer collaboration
  • dissemination strategies: presentation, networking, publications.

Proposals are invited on topics related to citizenship and identity. For example, economic crisis, employment, distribution of wealth and social justice, immigration, ethnic relationships, diversity, intercultural issues, social exclusion-inclusion, inter-group relationships, historical culture, sustainability, environmental issues, citizenship education, etc. Papers are welcome from different disciplines including education, psychology, economics, history, sociology, political science, philosophy and anthropology.

Full details can be found on the CiCe Research Student Summer School page.


For information on Previous Research Student conferences, please click here


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