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Welcome to the Special Interest Group (SIG) pages. This pages will host discussion forums for CiCe members interested in specific aspects of Citizenship Education and Identity. If you want to open a Special Interest Group page contact Angela. 

Conflict Resolution Working Group

The first of this Special Interest Groups forums has been set up by the STRAND 3 (Theme D): Working Group: Innovation in citizenship and identities education. The theme for the first year is Conflict Resolution and the group is asking all CiCe members to contribute to the forum.

To post your contribution to their current research questions, please visit their blog below:


STRAND 3: Innovation in citizenship and identities education,

Theme D: Values and Citizenship Education: European Perspectives Blog

This blog was created by the members of the working group Education, Values and Citizenship. The members of the group are: Annette Haaber Ihle, University College Sjælland, Denmark  and Elizabeth Newman, University of the West of England.

The aim of this blog is to create a space of discussion where to debate about themes related to Education, Values and Citizenship in teacher training and school. We would appreciate your contributions taking into account your experience and knowledge to enrich this discussion.

We pose three questions:

1) What are the current themes in citizenship and values education, especially related to identity education, in your country

2) What specific competencies on citizenship education should ‘professionals in education learn?

3) Please, provide examples of good practice in teaching and learning Citizenship and Values education (at schools, universities, NGOs, etc.)


Thank you for your contribution!


   Page last updated 17 February 2012