Seminar Series

Health Group Lunchtime Seminar Series

In December 2006, the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care launched its Health Group Lunchtime Seminar Series (HGLSS) at Ladbroke House, North Campus.

The idea behind HGLSS is to have a platform for informative dialogue and debate on health and social care issues among the health group staff, students and the rest of the academic community in DASS and other departments. Speakers will also be talking about research and other activities they are currently undertaking. Other members of staff in DASS and beyond who may have issues related to health and social care to talk about are very welcome to pledge their interest to participate in the HGLSS.

The first two seminars took place in December last year. On Monday 4th December 2006, Professor Eileen O’Keefe spoke to an audience about the recently established London Teaching Public Health Network (LTPHN), in which London Met is a member. She highlighted that the establishment of such a network in London came about because the Department of Health identifed a lack of skills in public health. Therefore, it is important for DASS through the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care to identify what it can contribute best to the development of public health skills in London and beyond.

The second seminar on 13th December 2006 was delivered by Dr Livingstone Musoro and focused on the implications of the London Met Student Mental Health Policy (established in 2005) on staff and students. Two more seminars are lined up in January 2007. On Wednesday 10th January, Professor Naomi Pfeffer will talk about necropolitics and public health and Professor Eileen O’Keefe will be looking at the London Met health strand strategy on Wednesday 17th January.

These seminars will be taking place at Ladbroke House, North Campus, in LH208, from 1-2pm. Health Group Lunchtime Seminars are free and all staff and students in DASS and beyond are cordially invited to attend.


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