Centre for Social and Evaluation Research

The Centre for Social and Evaluation Research (CSER) is an interdisciplinary research centre located within the Department of Applied Social Science (DASS) in London Metropolitan University. The CESR aims to work with staff in DASS and external associates with a view to:

  • Contributing to the development of an active research culture within DASS
  • enhance the standing and reputation of London Metropolitan University
  • Producing pure and applied research within an interdisciplinary framework
  • Developing a public social science that may productively inform public and policy orientated debates about society and social problems
  • Developing work with and for statutory and non statutory bodies at local, regional, national and international levels and


The work undertaken by Centre staff shares a number of common unifying values. These include:

  • a recognition that social problems have social causes
  • the promotion of a public social science
  • a focus on helping and supporting statutory, non statutory agencies, users and recipients in confronting these problems
  • a priority to work with hard to reach and marginalized groups and
  • a commitment to develop appropriate and just solutions that address the causes of social problems rather than ameliorating their most visible symptoms

Research Teams

The CSER has teams working in an interdisciplinary framework of enquiry in five thematic areas. These areas coalesce around research and policy related work in the domains of

  • Crime, policing and Community Safety
  • Social Evaluation Research
  • Urban Regeneration and Civil Renewal
  • Aural history
  • Social work

Research capacity

Centre staff possess expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Their work includes

  • Designing and conducting surveys
  • GIS mapping
  • SPSS analysis
  • Evaluation research
  • Impact assessments
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Undertaking needs assessments
  • Developing and informing policy

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