Working Papers and Reports

Research Reports by Centre Staff

Gabriel, J. & B. Hall, (2002) Refugees in Active Partnerships; an Evaluation, report for London Borough Grants,

Gabriel, J. & B. Hall, (2002) Daryeelka Maanka: An Evaluation, report for MIND,

Gabriel, J. & B. Hall (2002) Community Fund Evaluation, Report for the Community Fund,

Gabriel, J. & B. Hall (2002) Evaluation of Somali Mental Health Project, report for the Department of Health and MIND,

Gabriel, J. & B. Hall (2002) 'Raising the Profile'

Hall, B. & N Ahmed(2001 ). Brick Lane Restaurants - consultation exercise on planning policy for shops and restaurants in Brick Lane area (with AGRONI) for LB Tower Hamlets

Hall, B. & N Ahmed (2001), St. Hilda's Community Centre (Tower Hamlets) - evaluation/survey of local residents views. Funded by Cityside Regeneration

Hall, B (2000) ‘Evaluation of Diversity Training for the City of London Police'. Report for the city of London Police,

Hall, B & H. Redd (2003) Evaluation of Friends and Neighbours Scheme, Report for Toynbee Hall,

Hall, B, J. Gabriel, N. Ahmed, S. Coombes, M. Maguire and M. May (2003) Evaluation of Grants by the Community Fund to Black and Minority Ethnic Groups. Report for the Community Fund (National Lottery)

Hall, B, & N. Ahmed () Evaluation/Survey of the development of Bethnal Green Gardens and surrounding area. Report for the Bethnal Green Gateway (SRB5 Connecting Communities).

Hall, B, J. Gabriel & S. Coombes (2003) Interim evaluation of LGU's HEROBC and HEIF initiatives

Hallsworth, S. (2008) Confronting gangs and Delinquent Groups: a Guide for Practitioners, Report for Community Care.

Hallsworth, S, K. Higwan and T. Young (2008) Confronting Gun, Gang and Knife Related Violence in Hackney, Report for the Hackney, Safer and Cleaner Partnership

Hallsworth, S; M. Maguire (2007) Profiling Violent Crime in Lewisham, Report for the Metropolitan Police Service

Hallsworth, S (2007) Confronting the European Gang. A Report for the European Commission, funded by AGIS

Hallsworth, S; T. Young (2006) Urban Collectives: Gangs and Other Groups, Report for Operation Cruise, Metropolitan Police Service

Hallsworth, S, Higwan, K. Maguire, M. Wild, (2006) Examining Proportionality in Kent Police Experience of Stop and Search, Report for Kent Police

Hallsworth, S & T. Young, (2005) Operation Stabiliser: Gang and Group Based Delinquency in Hackney, Report for the Metropolitan Police Service

Hallsworth, S, T. Young, A. Pilgrim and K. Higwan (2004) The Illegal Taxi Trade in London, Report for Transport for London

Hallsworth, S & A. Sutton (2004) An Impact Assessment of Recent and Proposed Changes to Young People's Play and Child Care Provision in Islington, Report for the Islington Children's Fund.

Hallsworth, S (2005) Review of the Southwark Youth Gang Reduction Project, Report for Southwark Youth Offending Team,

Hallsworth, S and A. Pilgrim (2003) The 2003 Tower Hamlets Community Safety Survey , Report for the Tower Hamlets community Safety Partnership, 2003

Hallsworth, S. M. McGuire and T. Nash (2002) Young People's Perceptions and Experiences of Crime and Victimisation in Lewisham , report for the Lewisham Crime Unit and Community Safety Partnership,

Hallsworth, S. (2002) End of Term Evaluation for the Highfields Compact , Report for the Leicester Highfields Youth and Community Centre

Hallsworth, S. M. McGuire, & P. Skidmore (2002) Tower Hamlets 2002 Youth Justice Audit, Report for the Tower Hamlets Crime and Disorder Partnership

Hallsworth, S (2002) Street Crime in Lambeth, A report for the Government Office for London,

Hallsworth, S. M. Maguire ( 2002) Lambeth Community Safety survey, Report for the Lambeth Community Safety Partnership

Hallsworth, S.; Maguire, M.; Skidmore, P.; Middleton, D. (2000) 2000 Tower Hamlets Crime and Disorder Audit, Report for the Tower Hamlets Crime and Disorder Partnership

Hallsworth, S and H. Richie (2001) Young People's Involvement in Crime in Lambeth, A Report for the Lambeth Community safety Partnership

Hallsworth, S. and H. Richie (2001) A Needs Assessment of Young Somali's Living in Tower Hamlets , A Report for the Somali Education and Culture Project,

Hallsworth, S. (2001) Telling it like it is: Interpreting Risks and Dangers Confronting Young People in an East London Borough , A Report for the Non Violence Foundation UK, 2001

Maguire, M. (2003) Spitalfield Ward Residents Survey, Report for Spitalfield Market Under Threat Action Group,

Maguire, M. (2001 ). Spitalfields Market Survey - for Spitalfields Development Group

Maguire, M. (2001) Raising the Profile 2000: Audit of SRB5 funded East London Cultural Program, Report for Cityside Development

McAdam, S., S Hallsworth, R. Mull, A. Allen (2003) Youth & Violence in Disadvantaged Urban Areas , Report to the Council of Europe

Pilgrim, A. (2002) Evaluation of Youth Summer Crime Reduction Project, Report for the Lambeth Childrens Fund,

Skidmore, P. (2001) Young People's Sexual Health , Report for the Docklands Outreach Project,

Skidmore, P. (2002) Investigating the street culture and risks of young Bangladeshi women in LBTH, Report for the Docklands Outreach',

Thake, S. (2004) Sustainable Futures: investing in community-based organisations, New Economics Foundation, London.

Thake, S. (2003) Primed for Growth: Adventure Capital Fund Baseline Report, New Economics Foundation, London.

Thake, S. (2002) Putting Down the Anchor: support programme for community-based regeneration organisations, LDA, London.

Thake, S. (1997) Practical People, Noble Causes: how to support community based social entrepreneurs, New Economics Foundation, London.

Thake, S. (1995) Staying the Course: the role and structures of community regeneration organisations , Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York.

Young, T. & Hallsworth, S. (2006) A problem Profile of Ealing, Report for the Ealing Borough Police

Hallsworth, S. & Maguire, M.(2006 ) Evaluating the City of London Police Exercise of Stop and Search, Report for City of London Police

Young, T.; Hallsworth, S.; Jackson, K. E. and Lindsey, J. (2007) Crime Displacement in Kings Cross, Report for Camden community Safety Partnership

Young, T. & Withie, S. (2005) Profiling Group Rape in London , Report for Operation Sapphire, Metropolitan Police

Working Papers and Reports

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