All ICCDs consultants employ a community development approach drawing primarily on action-led and ethnographic, qualitative research techniques. Quantitative data will be collected simultaneously and used to help steer the qualitative and action led emphasis. This combination of approaches ensures both a sense of scope and breath. The Quantitative allows an overview whilst the qualitative enables a much closer and in-depth view to emerge.

We have created a consultancy unit which in the first instance is pursing tenders in Sierra Leone, Rwanda and India.

In each country we are working with country coordinators who are on the ground actively pursing suitable tenders we could bid for.

Country Coordinators:

  • Sierra Leone – Melrose Kargbo
  • Rwanda – Ignatius  Mugabo
  • India – Padmja Nair

Lead People (in addition to the country coordinators)

  • Tamsin Bradley
  • Sandra Wolton
  • Matt Scott

Consultancy &Volunteering Unit


  Page last updated : : 17 Apr 2011