ICCD operates as a transnational centre working with and through our diaspora student and staff networks. The international partnerships we have forged have emerged through the links our students and staff have with Higher Education Institutions and also community projects in countries abroad. Working within these networks is central to ICCD’s working model which ensures we remain responsive to the needs of different community groups and are aware how the international and global context of people’s lives impacts on experiences of everyday life.

Main Networks we are working with:

Zimbabwean, Sierra Leonean, Rwandan, Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani Kashmiri.

Research Outputs:

The following volume is to be published September 2011 written in collaboration with 5 London Met students members of diaspora communities

Bradley, T. Forthcoming 2011. Women, Violence and Tradition: taking FGM and other cultural practices to a secular state. Zed Press.

Lead People:

  • Livingstone Musoro
  • Ignatius Mugabo
  • Zafar Khan
  • Azar Sheibani
  • Shamsul Alam

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