Teaching is at the heart of all we do, ICCD was primarily created to help support our students extend and develop their expertise, apply their theoretical knowledge and gain work experience. ICCD represents a platform to enable and empower our students to build on their experiences and skills so they can reach out further into their communities and those other people, pursuing goals as activists and practitioners.

We are in the process of operationalising franchise agreements with partner institutions in Kashmir Pakistan and Rwanda.

We are looking to franchise MSc Social Enterprise, management and development, and MSc Organising for Social and Community Development which will contain a focus on community development theory and practice.

The partner institutions are:

  • Rwanda, Kigali Institute of Education
  • Kashmir, Pakistan: AJK University.

Lead People:

  • Catherine Kelly KIE, Rwanda.
  • Zafar Khan AJK Kashmir Pakistan.

Future Plans:

To operationalise franchise with institutions in our target countries:

  • Sierra Leone, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Rita Edmond
  • Bangladesh John Eversley and Shamsul Alam
  • Jamaica Hyacinth  Parsons and John Eversley

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  Page last updated : : 17 Apr 2011