DASS Debates & Lectures

DASS holds a series of public debates and lecture to highlight the contribution of leaders, movements and ideas that have shaped the world.

Many of these have been forgotten, marginalised or deliberately hidden from public view. People everywhere are increasingly using new possibilities created by forces of Information and Communications Technologies to liberate their minds and using alternative ideas to shape a new world where people are at peace with people. Information about emerging ideas and social movements around the world can now be shared instantaneously.

DASS Debates and lectures aim to create a place to think, to debate and develop ideas so as to raise awareness about issues and ideas that are changing the face of the world today. The series aims to provide a forum for visiting and resident speakers to present and discuss their work in a variety of fields.

All lectures are free of charge. For current listings go to our Events page

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Past events

For information on past events, go to the Dass Debates & Lectures Archive

Sound Recordings

Sound recordings and Handouts of the DASS Debates and Lectures are available in Ladbroke House Library. Check the library catalogue under DASS Debates


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