Debates & Lectures Archive

DASS Debates & Lectures Archive 2006-07

People and ideas shaping the world

Professor Dhirendra Sharma Tony Benn
Science and culture: discussion on the issues of knowledge development and belief systems

Professor Gus John Professor John Gabriel Taking a Stand:
Gus John Speaks on education, race, social action and civil unrest 1980 -2005

Sabur Ali Sayyid Working Mothers; issues and policies in the UK: lessons for Pakistan

Shiraz Durrani; Amrit Wilson Prof. Piyo Rattansi Book launch: Durrani: Never be silent; publishing and imperialism in Kenya, 1884-1963 (2006)

Amrit Wilson Antonia Byatt
Sukhwant Dhaliwal Sukhwant Dhaliwal International Women's Day event: Struggles of the South Asian Women in Britain
Antonia Byatt: Using collections and resources at The Women's Library
Sukhwant Dhaliwal: Working Lives Research Institute

Prof. Piyo Rattansi
Dr. Usman Tar
Christine Coates John Gabriel Trade Unions, democracy and working class struggles in Africa
Prof. Piyo Rattansi: Makhan Singh and the TU movement in Kenya
Dr. Usman Tar: Organised labour and democratic struggle in Nigeria
Chris Coates: TUC Library at London Met

Norman Ginsburg
Kieron Hatton
Sue Lawrence Karen Lyons Norman Ginsburg: ‘Whither or wither Social Europe?"
Kieron Hatton: ‘Understanding Social Pedagogy’
Sue Lawrence: ‘Taking forward the European Project’

Tamsin Bradley Eileen O’Keeffe Challenging the NGOs: women, religion and western dialogues in India. London, NY: IB Tauris (2006)

F. M. Bhatti
Gerald Hine Sir Ganga Ram and his work on Hindu widows


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