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Volume 4 No 2 - Special Issue
Struggle to Create Libraries for the People: a Progressive International Perspective

Volume 3 no 2 - the challenges of democracy in Africa & Middle East

Volume 3 no 1 - Globalisation and information technology

Volume 2 no 2 - Trade unions and working class struggles

Volume 2 no 1 - World cities & their media and information networks

Volume 1 no 2 - ICDs, development and peace

Volume 1 no 1 - Innaugural issue

 Information Society and Justice (ISJ) is a biannual peer-review journal based in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) at the London Metropolitan University.

The journal is governed by an Editorial Board drawn from UK and overseas. It seeks to provide a proactive space for critical discussion of the issues around information, society and justice. It focuses on a diverse range of issues including - but not limited to - development, equality, human rights, inclusion, justice, liberation and democracy.

ISJ publishes original research, including work in progress. It also publishes debates, reflections, book/film reviews, reports and briefings on varied issues and from and diverse range of institutions and individuals. It is not limited to any one disciplinary perspective and will accept contributions from academics, policy practitioners and activists. Submissions should be clearly written and devoid of discriminatory language.

Each issue of ISJ contains a combination of articles, debates, reflections, briefings and book/film reviews. Articles are extended work seeking to engage intellectual theory and/or policy discourses; they are often informed by empirical evidence. Debates and Reflections are shorter pieces dealing with controversial issues, and seeking to provoke or compound existing paradigms and debates. Briefings cover topical and informative matters which deserve to be placed in the public domain. ISJ also carries Think pieces - such as poetry and fiction - in so far as they provoke, engage or promote intellectual and policy debates in themes of relevance to the Journal.




Accessing the Journal

ISJ is currently published in two formats - online and CD-ROM - with a print version expected in due course. The Online version is available at: /depts/dass/research/informationsocietyandjustice/informationsocietyandjusticejournal.cfm. For CD-ROM format, please contact the Journal’s Editorial Correspondence address, giving full name and address.

ISJ is currently licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. For details see: 

Editorial board

Managing and coordinating Editor

Dr Usman Tar, Department of Politics & International Relations, University of Kurdistan-Hawler

Book/Film Review Editors
David Percival, John Pounds ommunity Centre, Portsea Library, Portsmouth, UK

Contributing Editors

  • Karen Bennett, Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute (HRSJ)London Metropolitan University
  • Ali Memon, Lincoln University, New Zealand
  • Mark Perkins MLIS, MCLIP
  • Salvatore Scifo
  • Shehina Fazal
  • Shihan de Silva, FRAS Senior Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies University of London
  • Roland Barksdale-Hall, Jah Kente International, Inc., USA


Contact details

Managing & Coordinating Editor, Information Society and Justice, c/o Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University, Ladbroke House, 62-66 Highbury Grove, London N5 2AD, United Kingdom
Dr Usman Tar, Department of Politics & International Relations, University of Kurdistan-Hawler, 30 Meter Avenue, Erbil 116-63, Kurdistan Region, Republic of Iraq; Telephone: +964 7704897223; email: /


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