Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Dr Nick Ridley, Associate Researcher at the John Grieve Centre (JGC), recently attended a conference in Ankara, Turkey held by the Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism and the Turkish army.

The conference, entitled Motivation For Suicide Bombers Advanced Research Workshop, was held from 24 to 25 May and was attended by armed forces, law enforcement and academics from the UN NATO, UK, USA, Middle Eastern countries, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia and central Asian countries.

Subjects covered during the two-day event included operational aspects of suicide bomb attacks, the exchange of intelligence by security services and law enforcement, the changing role of women in suicide terrorism, and the psychological profiling of suicide terrorism.

Prior to working for the JGC, Dr Ridley, a criminal intelligence analyst for 22 years, worked at the New Scotland Yard in various departments including Special Branch and the Anti Terrorist Branch, and then at Europol, the EU law enforcement agency in The Hague. At both Scotland Yard and Europol he specialised in organised crime from south-eastern Europe, financial crime and financing of terrorism.

The JGC was created in 2003 with a vision to create a community of ideas that spans students, academics, practitioners and policy-makers. Originally located at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, the JGC re-located to London Metropolitan University in April 2006.

The JGC enjoys close links with various police organizations and other agencies, which not only serve to enhance mutual understanding but also directly contribute to course content for students. Alumni have gone on to work for various police forces and the Serious Organized Crime Agency.