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Professor John Grieve is the Chair of the John Grieve Centre for Policing & Community Safety. After a 36-year career in the Metropolitan Police Service he has undertaken a number of Higher Education roles and is also a Member of the Independent Monitoring Commission for Peace in Northern Ireland. His expertise is in terrorism and race issues. For more info click.

email: ridleynicholas@yahoo.co.uk
tel: +44 (0) 20 73201044


Dr Dan Silverstone Principal Lecturer Faculty of Applied Social Sciences. Dan joins DASS and the John Grieve Centre /Criminology from long experience at the University of Portsmouth. For more info click



Dr Nicholas Ridley is a DASS Senior Lecturer in Policing and Security working in the John Grieve Centre. He has been a criminal intelligence analyst with the Metropolitan Police and with Europe. His expertise is in financing of terrorism and in organised crime in eastern and south eastern Europe. For more info click.

email: ridleynicholas@yahoo.co.uk
tel: +44 (0) 20 73201044


Tim Parsons, a former City of London senior police officer and a new Senior Lecturer has joined the John Grieve Centre as part of DASS. For more info click



Karen Hobbs Karen,as as part of her duties within the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences,is assisting and facilitating the administration of the Professional Doctorate in Policing Security and Community Safety.



Former staff

Monica Pilatowska was responsible for organising and co-ordinating conferences, training and postgraduate courses at the John Grieve Centre. Monica joined the JGC in March 2007 and worked for 3 years there.