Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

This page provides a list of management and organisational areas within the Applied Social Sciences. In each section, the person responsible is identified and there are links to information and archives relating fto the area.

Marketing and Communication Requests in Applied Social Sciences

The following arrangements are in place for making marketing and communication requests in Applied Social Sciences.

Faculty website and news stories

If you have website related works or news stories, please email it to Maryam Moarefvand m.moarefvand@londonmet.ac.uk 


If you need support over an event please email Suzanne Cooper to make an appointment for an initial discussion about your event on s.cooper@londonmet.ac.uk

Other Communications projects

If you would like to request a promotional project – such as a poster, leaflet, existing publicity update, prospectus update, broad promotional strategy for a course– please use the project request form to make the request. This can either be emailed to Chris Lane at c.lane@londonmet.ac.uk or posted in the departmental pigeon hole in the reception area at Labroke House or Applied Social Sciences's office at Calcutta House.


Part of the site is password protected. This area is called Livelink. The Applied Social Sciences site provides links to Livelink - straight to the documents you need - without needing lots of clicks or complicated navigation. To access these pages you will need a Livelink account. Everyone in the Applied Social Sciences has a livelink account - but if you do not know your own Livelink username and password please contact Marcy Oreilly marcy.oreilly@londonmet.ac.uk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following link provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions that staff will have about working in Applied Social Sciences: Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit new matieral for the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site by emailing Maryam Moarefvand m.moarefvand@londonmet.ac.uk

To see the Applied Social Sciences committee Organisational structure 2010 click here.

Click here for the shared Applied Social Sciences's calender (livelink ID needed). Everyone in the Applied Social Sciences can add items to the calender by choosing 'add meeting' on the calender itself. For further information about the Applied Social Sciences's calender - please contact Rachael Smith rachael.smith@londonmet.ac.uk

Contacting everyone in the Applied Social Sciences
Everyone in the Applied Social Sciences can be contacted sending an email to Marcy O'Reilly marcy.oreilly@londonmet.ac.uk who will forward messages on.

Organisational Area Person ResponsibleLinks

Admissions & Recruitment

Chris lane 
Chris is the Academic Leader responsible for recruitment issues in the Applied Social Sciences. He convenes the Applied Social Sciences's Marketing Action Group and manages the Applied Social Sciencess IT and communications strategy. He is also responsible for APL.

Key documents for Admissions & Recruitment

Faculty's Council Cathy Sullivan
Cathy convenes the Applied Social Sciences's Council, which provides the forum for the Applied Social Sciences's staff to discuss current issues and has a formal feed into the Academic Board of the University.

Archive of materials from Faculty's Council

Faculty's Academic Committee (DAC)

Professor John Gabriel
John is Dean of Faculty. He convenes the Faculty's Management Group.

Archive of materials from Faculty's Management Group

Finance & Information

Maggie Mapley
Maggie is Finance and Information Officer for the Applied Social Sciences.

Key documents for Finance & Information
Health & Safety

Marcy O'Reilly
Marcy is Faculty's Administrator.


Maryam Moarefvand 
Maryam is responsible for the Applied Social Sciences's website and News

Suzanne Cooper
Suzanne is responsible for the Applied Social Sciences's events and marketing

Policies & Procedures Professor John Gabriel
John is Dean of the Applied Social Sciences

Archive of Applied Social Sciences Policies & Procedures

Student Complaints Procedure

Projects & Contracts

Mark Coombes
Mark is Projects and Contracts Officer for the Applied Social Sciences.

Quality & Standards

Richard Skues
Richard is Principal Lecturer in Social Science. He has particular responsibility for Quality Assurance matters within the Applied Social Sciences.

Key documents for Quality & Standards


Jenny Newton
Jenny co-ordinates postgraduate teaching within the Faculty. She also has a direct role in the management of the MA Health and Social Policy and the MA/AASW in Health and Social Care Management.

Key documents for Postgraduate Study


Dr Anna Gough-Yates
Anna is Associate Dean of Faculty (research)

Key documents for Research


Brian Hall
Brian is Associate Dean of Faculty (Resources).

Teaching and Learning Associate Dean of Faculty (teaching and Learning) To be confirmed


Subject Area
Academic Leader Responsible
Community Health Jo Skinner Archive of documents for Community Health
Media, Information & Communications James Bennett

Archive of documents for the Media, Information & Communications subject area

Archive of documents for the old Information Management subject area

Archive of documents for the old Media, Communications and Culture subject area

Social Sciences Dr Peter Hodgkinson Archive of documents for Social Sciences
Social Work Elaine Arnull  Archive of documents for Social Work