Centre Activities

Summary of the Proposed Research Activities

The  Centre for Multilingualism in Education aims to develop small-scale research over the next three years, with a view of enhancing teaching methodologies to enable some groups of minority ethnic children to have full access to the curriculum. With this key focus, the proposed centre aims to invite classroom practitioners and researchers to conduct small-scale research in multilingual classrooms. The centre also aims to bring together a number of academics with particular expertise in areas such as bilingual education, bilingual education with special emphasis on gifted and talented/special educational needs, multilingual classroom practice and community education.


The Centre is to be self-sufficient and operate with minimal support from the Department. It will generate funds by organising conferences (bi-annually), attracting relevant PhD/ MA applications as well as providing consultancy and training to community organisations. Preliminary discussions have already taken place between the Head of Department, Head of Continuing Professional Development and the principal members to develop existing links with the community organisations.

Some of the research activities of the principal members of the proposed centre are closely linked to initiatives already undertaken and supported by the Institute of the Policy Studies in Education (IPSE), namely minority education, equality of educational opportunities, bilingualism and achievement. We hope to continue to work closely with IPSE and seek advice accordingly.

Current Projects at the Centre

Research Projects

  • Bilingual Language and identity Nursery Project (T. Issa - A. Hatt) exploring the role of the home language in supporting second language development in Early Years’ settings. The programme explores general support strategies used by the An Early Years Centre to meet the needs of learners from a variety of backgrounds. View project proposal
  • Bilingual Maths Project (T.Issa, S. Symth, S. Urkmez) The project explores the delivery of GCSE Maths curriculum in the medium of Turkish and English to a group of Turkish speaking Girls in an Inner London Secondary school. The project looks at students’ attitudes to Maths as well their gains in their understanding of the subject. A 2 year project. View project proposal

Consultancy Activities

  • Provide Training for Supplementary School Teachers: short /medium term courses to support teachers who are already working or thinking of gaining further qualifications to work, in mainstream schools (in collaboration with The National Resource Centre, Head of CPD (Suzanne Burley). A joint application was made to DfES with the National Resource Centre to cover the cost consultations, visits and meetings.
  • Contributing to in-house courses (Student Associate Scheme (SAS), Registered Teacher Programme (RTP), PGCE.

Research Students

  • Recruit suitable PhD/MA students in the areas identified under Centre Aims. These to support ongoing teaching and supervision programmes at the university. We are working closely with the MA Programme Director  as well as share supervision tasks as principal members. In addition we use existing expertise of our Associate Members (see more)

Some current areas of research

  • Factors affecting bilingual children’s access into secondary Maths curriculum (PhD)
  • Exploring factors affecting Turkish speaking children’s achievement: The attitudes of Turkish speaking parents (MA)
  • Exploring issues affecting bilingual Polish/English speaking children in UK schools (MA)



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