In November 2000 the Irish Studies Centre in conjunction with the British Association of Irish Studies held a conference entitled The Irish Diaspora: Writing, Researching, Comparing. With one hundred and eighty participants from around the world, the conference included papers by Luke Gibbons, David Fitzpatrick and David Lloyd.

In February 1998 the Irish Studies Centre organised a conference at the House of Commons entitled Prisoners and the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Organised in collaboration with the Irish United Nations Association, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, and INCORE, University of Ulster its deliberations were fed directly into the peace process.

In March 1995, the Irish Studies Centre held a major conference Northern Ireland:What Next? on the emerging Peace Process at which John Hume gave the keynote address. This conference, in bringing together polititians from all the major political parties in Northern Ireland, from Sinn Féin to the DUP, was the first of its kind at a British university. It enabled Irish people in Britain to participate in debates about Northern Ireland with some of the key individuals involved in determining its future.