Inaugural Irish Studies Centre Autumn Lecture



6.00 pm, Wednesday 19th November 2014


His Excellency, Daniel Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to Great Britain


Changed Utterly: the birth of independent Ireland, 1912-1922



The decade between 1912 and 1922 was the key period in the evolution of modern Ireland.  In 1912, no-one would have predicted the kind of developments that transformed Ireland in the ten years that followed.  At that time, it looked as if Ireland had arrived at the end-point of a political era that has started with the establishment of the Home Rule movement in the 1860s.  With the Liberal Party in power, and depending on the Irish Parliamentary Party for its majority, Home Rule seemed destined to be achieved.   


By 1922, Ireland had been ‘changed utterly’ as WB Yeats put it.  In the interim, Ireland had experienced the Home Rule crisis of 1913-1914, participation in World War 1, the Easter Rising of 1916, the war of independence and the setting up of an independent Irish State which in 1922 was beset by civil war. 


  1. In this talk, he will reflect on Ireland’s revolutionary decade, ‘The Birth of Independent Ireland’, a period whose centenary is now upon us and is the focus in Ireland of a Decade of Commemorations.   



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The lecture will be followed by a Q&A and Reception


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