20th Anniversary Irish Writers in London Summer School 
11 June - 17 July 2015
6 - 8.30pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus final session on Friday 17 July
First established in 1996, the summer school runs for two nights a week for five weeks and provides an informal but informative setting for students wishing to study Irish literature over the summer   Each week a set text is discussed in class on Tuesday evening and the following Thursday, the author reads and/or speaks about it to students.
Further information about guest writers and enrolment will appear soon.

Selected Feedback from Writers and Students (1996-2014) 

The summer school is unique. Its gentle, inclusive atmosphereencourages real debate. Being invited is both an accolade and a very good night out …. a great experience                     (Bridget Whelan, writer)

It was brilliant.  The course material was both stimulating and thought-provoking and the visiting writers were excellent   (Shirley Cully, student) 

I enjoyed myself immensely, the students seemed like the perfect readers of my mother – subtle, discerning and appreciative of the complexities of her situation (Blake Morrison, writer)

Very challenging and extremely good value  (Sean Hamil, student)

a great venture and an enjoyable evening for any writer who likes seeing their work paid scrupulous attention (Cahal Dallat, writer)

Many thanks for a splendid evening, the whole experience was thoroughly rewarding for me.  (Gerry McKee, writer)

 I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and found the students very welcoming and the responses very refreshing (Colette Bryce, writer)

It was so great to meet with and hear Irish writers discuss their work as well as share their experience of other Irish people like myself trying to define our own voices in this great melting pot  (Alice Wickham, student)

 For me it was a lovely occasion altogether and thought-provokingin quite a profound way (Maura Dooley, writer)

 I really enjoyed the session.  My mom was a big reader all her life and I kept thinking how much she would have loved to have been part of a class like that.  (Catherine O’Flynn, writer)

I really enjoyed the summer school and hope that one day my second generation children can attend as one means of keeping in touch with their roots  (Nora Holder, student)

It was one of the most vital and energising sesions I have participated in and I know it will contribute to how I reflect on my work in future   (Deirdre Shanahan, writer)