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The Institute for the Study of European Transformations (ISET) was established by London Metropolitan University in 2002 as a multi-disciplinary group addressing research questions arising from the transformations in Europe and in its relations with the wider world.  The focus is on contemporary transformations in the socio-economic, cultural, linguistic and political social spheres both in Europe and globally.

Our research investigates agency, responses and contestations implicated by these transformations at the individual, local, national and international levels.  ISET aims to deepen understandings of formations and intersections of a variety of social relations - gender, language, sexuality, 'race', ethnicity, religion and class - in European societies; and to critically engage with European institutions and politics.

Within this broad framework, we have particular research interests in migration and cohesion, media and culture, linguistics, and gendered citizenship and EU social policies.  The Institute's research is underpinned by a strong commitment to social justice.

ISET researchers meet in two main groups: Migrations and Gender and Sexualities.

Some ISET members also work in Research Centres, which came together to form the Institute in 2002, and are now integrated within it. The Irish Studies Centre and the London European Research Centre retain their individual remit and identities whilst simultaneously participating fully in the research and intellectual life of ISET.


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