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In the 2008 RAE London Metropolitan's European Studies submission was placed in the top ten centres in the UK for European Studies.

Migration Studies
ISET's expert supervisors in this area are: Dr Nicola Mai.  Funded research projects have studied migration and social cohesion, migrant sex workers, migrant workers in the service sector, ethnic categories in the census, second generation Irish and return migration. Supervision can be offered in the following aspects of migration studies:

  • Migration, social cohesion and identities
  • Migration, skills and knowledge
  • Migration, sexuality and gender
  • Migration and media
  • Child and youth migration
  • Irish diaspora
  • The Irish in Britain (including projects which would use the archive of the Irish in Britain)
  • Theorising migration, 'race' and ethnicity


European Media, Literature and Culture
ISET's expert supervisors in this area are:  Dr Nicola Mai, Dr Tony Murray. Funded research projects include 'Alternative hedonism and the theory and politics of consumption' and 'Online listener engagement with BBC radio'. ISET hosts the Irish in Britain archive. Supervision can be offered in :

  • Media and literary representations of migration (including class migration)
  • Media and religion
  • Transnational/transcultural media consumption
  • Media audiences and fan cultures
  • Lifestyle and reality TV
  • Irish Studies especially the Irish in Britain (including projects which would use the archive of the Irish in Britain)
  • Contemporary Irish writing
  • Contemporary French women's writing
  • Life-writing, gender and class
  • Gender and sexuality


European Studies
ISET's expert supervisors in this area are: Dr Monica Threlfall.  Funded research projects include: Early language learning in Europe, Citizenship and gender in the EU, Knowledge transfers and productivity in the Services, and Managing mass tourism and urban conservation in historic centres. Supervision can be offered in:

  • European tourism and economic development
  • Gender and politics
  • Political participation and activism
  • The European Union's social dimension and policies
  • Spanish politics
  • Language teaching policy and globalisation
  • Language teaching/learning especially primary foreign language teaching

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