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Early Language Learning in Europe (ELLiE)

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Early Language Learning in Europe (ELLiE)
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E-book freely downloadable at:
Enever, J. (2011) (ed) ELLiE. Early Language Learning in Europe. London, UK: British Council
ISBN 978-0-86355-675-3

Early Language Learning in Europe (ELLiE)

The study seeks to identify what can realistically be achieved in state-funded primary schools where relatively limited amounts of class time are available for foreign language learning. The ELLiE study is being conducted simultaneously in seven European country contexts (including Croatia as a silent partner, separately funded by the British Council). Project partners are:

Dr Janet Enever, an associate member of ISET, led this three year transnational longitudinal study of early language learning in Europe whilst working at London Metropolitan University, UK.

Evelien Krikhaar, National Center of Language Education, Netherlands

Dr Eva Lindgren, Umea University, Sweden

Dr Lucilla Lopriore, Roma Tre University, Italy

Prof Carmen Muñoz, Barcelona University, Spain

Dr Magdalena Szpotowicz, Warsaw University, Poland

Prof Jelena Mihaljevi Djigunovi (*silent partner) Zagreb University, Croatia

For further details of the study, regular progress updates, reports and publications see the Project website at or contact Dr Janet Enever by email at:

EU Project 2007-1994/001-001 TRA STUCOR: December 2007-November 2010

For further information about this project please contact:
Dr Janet Enever
+44 (0)20 7133 2927


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