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IPPR. Return and circular migration from the UK to New Zealand (Allan Williams)


Return and circular migration from the UK to New Zealand

Allan Williams has been awarded a grant by IPPR, in collaboration with the University of Canterbury (NZ) to study return and circular migration from the UK to New Zealand. This is one component of IPPR’s major study of returned migration from the UK which aims to estimate the levels of re-immigration from the UK and their impacts on the UK and the countries of return. The latter theme will be investigated through four case detailed case studies, based on reviewing existing research evidence and undertaking in-depth interviews with returnees. The other case studies are Jamaica, Poland and Nigeria. The interviews will focus on motivations, skills transfers, social integration and social identity issues.

He is collaborating with the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE), an EU recognized centre of excellence at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Professor Martin Holland and Dr Natalia Chaban are co-directors of the project. The NCRE is also making available additional funding to increase significantly the sample size, and include returned migrants from other European countries, to expand this into a substantial, parallel free-standing research project.

Time scale: 12 months from February 2008


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