London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Research Projects

Circular Migration Patterns in Southern and Central Eastern Europe - METOIKOS.
European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals
(Dr Nick Mai)

ESRC: A comparative study of the representations of ‘suspect’ communities in multi-ethnic Britain and of their impact on Muslim and Irish communities (Mary Hickman, Lyn Thomas, Sara Silvestri, Henri Nickels

British Council Kosovo: English at Primary Grade 1 for Kosovan Ministry of Education
(Dr Janet Enever)

DION (Emigrant Support Programme): Council of Irish County Associations (London) Heritage Project. (Nicole McLennan in partnership with Council of Irish County Associations)

Archive of the Irish in Britain (Tony Murray)

EU Framework Programme 6, Integrated Project
FEMCIT - Gendered Citizenship in a Multicultural Europe
(Dr Monica Threlfall)

Early Language Learning in Europe (ELLiE)
EU: 2007-1994/001-001 TRA STUCOR: December 2007-November 2010

(Janet Enever)

Evaluation of the Services Offered to Migrant Sex Workers in Haringey - SHOC
Haringey's Drugs and Alcohol Action Team

(Dr Nick Mai)

ESRC: Migrant workers in the UK Sex Industry (Nick Mai)

British Academy grant for research into the significance of social cohesion for strategies of settlement and family formation of skilled and unskilled migrant women workers in the care sector (Helen Crowley)

ESRC: Internationalisation and innovation in the service sector: the role of international migrants and UK (London) hotels (Allan Williams)

EU Culture Programme: PLACE - Preserving Places: Managing mass tourism, urban conservation and quality of life in historic centres. (Allan Williams and eight international partners)

ESF WORKSHOP: Youth Radicalisation And The Role Of Secular And Religious Ideologies In Legitimising Politically Motivated Violence (Nick Mai, Sara
, Martijn de Koning)

BBC / AHRC Knowledge Exchange Programme: Listener on-line engagement with BBC radio programming (Lyn Thomas)

IPPR. Returned and circular migration from the UK to New Zealand (Allan Williams)

EPSRC: Intra-Firm and Inter-Firm Knowledge Transfers and Productivity in the Retailing Sector (Allan Williams, Sergio Salis)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Rhythms and Realities of Everyday Life: improving our understanding of immigration and social cohesion (Mary Hickman, Umut Erel, Nick Mai, Helen Crowley)

British Academy: privatisation processes in the post-communist transformations of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. (Liliana Pop)

ESRC: Changing and Claiming Ethnic Identities in the 1991 and 2001 censuses (Mary Hickman)

AHRB/ESRC Cultures of Consumption Research Project on 'Alternative Hedonism' (Kate Soper, Lyn Thomas)

EU Thematic Network on 'Strategies for Financial Integration with Stronger Social Cohesion (FISC) and Democratic Control in Europe' (John Grahl)

EU Thematic Network on Improvement of Economic Policy Coordination (EPOC) for Full Employment and Social Cohesion in Europe (John Grahl)

ESRC project "A Hidden Population in Multi-Ethnic Britain: the Second-Generation Irish". (Mary Hickman)


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