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Janet Enever

Professor of language teaching and learning


Background and Career
Research Interests and Activities
Postgraduate Support

· BEd  University of Brighton
· MA  London University
· Dip TEFL, Cambridge/UCLES
· EdD, Bristol University

Janet Enever is now working at :
Department of Language Studies / Institutionen för språkstudier
Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå, Sweden
tel: +46 (0)90 786 56 74


Janet Enever studied primary education at the University of Brighton (BEd, 1986), followed by some years as a primary class teacher in Sussex and London before gaining an ESRC scholarship to study English language at the Institute of Education, London University (MA,1993).  Two years were spent teaching EFL in Poland (Link Language School, Gliwice; Jagiellonian University, Teacher Training Dept, Krakow) during which she gained a further qualification in teaching EFL (Dip TEFL, Cambridge/UCLES, 1995).  Subsequently, she spent four years in Hungary (national primary EFL advisor, British Council/Hungarian Ministry of Education) before returning to England to complete her doctorate on the politics of primary ELT Policy formations (EdD, Bristol 2001).

During the period 2001-2011 she was employed as a senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University, developing and teaching on a range of masters courses in TESOL. She also undertook young learner consultancies in Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Italy, China and Vietnam.

In 2011 Janet took up a new position at Umea university, Sweden as professor of language teaching and learning. Her work here allows for a continuation of her research interests related to topics such as the impact of globalisation on English language teaching; the politics of primary foreign language policy; primary EFL/FL teaching and learning.



In 2006 Janet set up a collaboration with research colleagues from European universities to formulate a transnational study of foreign language learners in European state primary schools.  Following a one year Scoping study (supported by the British Council) Janet was awarded a European Commission grant under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Project (N.135632-LLP-2007-UK-KA1SCR) to establish a three year study (Early Language Learning in Europe – ELLiE: 2007-10) to investigate what is realistically achievable in primary schools in seven country contexts (Spain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, England & Croatia – supported by a separate grant from the British Council).  See for further information on the Project.  The study was successfully completed in 2012, with an E-book available to freely download at

Janet's current research includes a study of the development of bilingual primary schools in the UK and a regional languages survey in Sweden.



STOP PRESS – ELLiE BOOK OUT AT LAST! E-book freely downloadable at:
Enever, J. (2011) (ed) ELLiE. Early Language Learning in Europe. London, UK: British Council
ISBN 978-0-86355-675-3

News Articles

Primary importance, Dr Janet Enever shares the fascinating findings of a European project examining primary language learning with Melanie Butler.  EL People:back page of the English Language Gazette (January 2011:20). EL Gazette article

Journal Articles

Enever, J. (2011) Planning effective learning contexts for early language learning, International House Journal of Education and Development.  Issue 30

Primary Foreign Language Pathfinders: the Brighton and Hove Experience’, with Catherine Watts (University of Brighton) Language Learning Journal, Vol 37(2) pages 219-232, (2009)

Yet another early start languages policy in Europe: Poland this time!’ Current issues in Language Planning, Vol.8:2. (2007)

Picturebooks and creativity: an interview with Nick Sharratt’ IATEFL, Children and Teenagers, SIG Journal. UK:IATEFL (Spring 2006)

Edited Books

Enever, J. (2011) (ed) ELLiE. Early Language Learning in Europe. London , UK: British Council

Young Learner English Language Policy and Implementation: international Perspectives. Janet Enever, Jayne Moon & Uma Raman (eds.) UK: Garnet Education, 2009

Picture books and Young Learners of English.  Janet Enever & Gisela Schmid-Schonbein (eds.) Munich, Germany: Langenscheidt, 2006

Chapters in Edited Books

Enever, J. (2011) Plurilingualism? Have language-in-education policies in Europe delivered the promise? / ?Plurilingüismo? Han cumplido lo prometido las politicas europeas de education lingüistica? In: Powell-Davies, P (ed) Word for Word. The social, economic and political impact of Spanish and English /Palabra por palabra. El impact social, economic y politico del español y del inglés. 
España: Instituto Cervantes/British Council.

‘The Status of the Target Language: Contemporary Criteria Influencing Language Choices for Early Learners in England’. In: Nikolov, M. (ed) Contextualising the Age Factor: Issues in Early Foreign Language Learning. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Mouton de Gruyter  (2009)

‘New global contexts for teaching primary ELT: Change and challenge’, Janet Enever & Jayne Moon, In: Young Learner English Language Policy and Implementation: International Perspectives. Janet Enever, Jayne Moon & Uma. Raman.(eds.) UK: Garnet Education, 2009

‘Early language learning in Europe (ELLiE): a multinational, longitudinal study’ with Magdalena Szpotowicz and Jelena Mihaljevic Djigunovic. In: Young Learner English Language Policy and Implementation: International Perspectives. Janet Enever, Jayne Moon & Uma Raman.(eds.) UK: Garnet Education, 2009

'Can today's early language learners in England become tomorrow's plurilingual European citizens?' In: Nikolov, M. (ed.) Early Learning of Modern Foreign Languages. Processes and Outcomes. Clevedon, UK:  Multilingual Matters, 2009: 15-29

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'The use of picture books in the development of critical visual and written literacy in English as a foreign language'. In: Picture books and Young Learners of English. Janet Enever & Gisela Schmid-Schonbein (eds.). Munich, Germany: Langenscheidt, 2006

‘Primary foreign language policy-making in the wider Europe today’. In Claus Gnutzmann and Frauke Intemann (eds). The Globalisation of English and the English Language Classroom.  Tubingen: Narr, 2005

Online Video Clips

Online at the British Council, London.  Janet Enever and Jayne Moon present a 45 minute seminar:
A global revolution? Teaching English at primary school

Short video clip on Benefits of Early Language Learning, Brussels, Belgium: European Union Launch Event for Piccolingo Compaign for Early Language Learning. (2009)


Research Students

Christina Giannikas: ‘Young learners of English in Greece: introducing the interactive classroom’.

Sergej Ivanov: 'A cross-cultural study of reading comprehension instruction in the history classroom.'

Agnieszka Turek: 'Influence of assessment for learning on fostering positive affective factors in young learners of English and the parents'.


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