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Peter Gowan - in memoriam

Peter Gowan (1946-2009) was a Professor of International Relations at London Metropolitan University and an associate member of ISET. 

Although he remained committed to a form of Marxism himself and had strong and informed opinions on an amazing range of subjects, he never sought to impose his views as a teacher.  His goal was to force those around him to think and re-think their own views so that they could justify and defend them. 

In 2000 he established the MA in International Relations (Interdisciplinary), which he directed until he became ill in September 2008.  His own inter-disciplinary insights shaped the degree, which highlighted North-South relations, while incorporating history, political economy and law as integral elements. The MA in International Relations was of crucial importance to him because its curriculum simultaneously sought to foster personal development and social justice, and because its student body was so multi-national and multi-ethnic that it promoted a genuine form of internationalism.

It is therefore natural that one of his final wishes was to establish a prize for an MA International Relations (Interdisciplinary) student dissertation that would reflect the values to which he was so deeply committed himself.

The criteria for the award are as follows:
 1. Any dissertation nominated for the prize will be academically excellent. This will normally be demonstrated by the fact that the examiners at London Metropolitan University have awarded it a distinction, although in some cases a high merit mark may make a dissertation eligible for consideration.
 2. The dissertation should adopt a progressive and critical approach to the topic and include a ‘north-south’ dimension.
 3. While there are no specific ideological or theoretical criteria, the prize would not be awarded to any work that implied that it could be legitimate deliberately to sacrifice human beings on a mass scale in pursuit of a political goal.
For more information about the Peter Gowan Award please contact either:
Dr Marco Bojcun email:
Professor Mike Newman email:

Selected Publications by Peter Gowan

Authored Books

The Twisted Road to Kosovo (Manifest, Stockholm, 2000)

The Global Gamble (Verso, 1999)

Journal Articles

'Peter Gowan and the Capitalist World Empire' (text by Peter Gowan plus additioal comments by four other contributors) in Journal of World-Systems Research, Vol 10, No. 2, pp. 471-539 (Summer 2004).

'Cartography of Power' in New Left Review (November-December 2004)

'Europe and the New Imperialism' in Labour Focus on Eastern Europe, No 75'76, pp. 113-141, (Summer-Autumn 2004)

‘Triumphing to International Disaster: The Impasse of American Grand Strategy’ in Critical Asian Studies Volume 36, No. 1 (2004)

‘The Concept of Empire Today’ in Temas, Cultura, Ideologia, Sociedad, Numero 34, 2004 (Cuba, 2004)

‘An Empire as "Superstructure"’ in Security Dialogue, 35, 2, June 2004 (International Peace Research Institute Oslo, 2004)

‘US:UN’ in New Left Review November-December, 2003

‘U.S. hegemony today’ in Monthly Review, July-August, 2003

‘Cooperation and Conflict in Transatlantic Relations After the Cold War’, in Interventions International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, Vol. 5, No.2, 2003.

‘Instruments of Empire’ in New Left Review 21, May-June, 2003.

‘After America’ in New Left Review, Jan-Feb, 2002

‘After Kosovo: Unanswered Questions’ in Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans. Winter edn., 2002

‘A Calculus of Power’ in New Left Review, 16, July-August, 2002

‘Explaining the American Boom: The Roles of Globalisation and US Global Power’ in New Political Economy, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2001

Chapters in Edited Books

'US Hegemeny Today' in Bellamy Foster, J., and Mcchesney R.W. (eds) Exposing the American Empire (Monthly Review Press, 2004)

‘The Transatlantic Impasse’ in Tariq Faruk (ed.) A New Era of Triadic Conflict (Georgetown University, 2004)

‘The New Liberal Cosmopolitanism’ in Daniele Archibugi(ed.) Debating Cosmopolitics (Verso, 2003)

‘The American Campaign for Global Sovereignty’ in Leo Panitch & Colin Leys (eds.) Fighting Identities. Race, Religion and Ethno-Nationalism (Merlin, 2002)

‘The EU and the East: Diversity without Unity?’ in M. Newman, S. Fella and M. Farrell (eds) European Integration, Unity and Diversity(Sage, 2002)

‘World System Theory and Contemporary Intra-Core Relations’ in A. Fisun and T. Zhurzhenko (eds) World-System Theory and Contemporary Global Transformations (Kharkiv University Press, 2002)

‘British Euro-Solipsism’ in P. Gowan, P. Anderson (eds) The Question of Europe (Verso, 1997).

‘The Post-Communist socialists in Eastern and Cenral Europe’ in D. Sassoon (ed) Looking Left: European Socialism After the Cold War (I.b. Tauris, 1997).

Occasional Papers

‘Globalisation: Process or Policy?’ Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, University of California Los Angeles, June,2001

‘The New Liberal Cosmopolitanism’ Institute of Human Sciences, Vienna, May 2000.


The Question of Europe (Verso, 1997)

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