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Mike Newman

Emeritus Professor of Politics and
Jean Monnet Professor of European Studies

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BA University of Oxford
D.Phil University of Oxford

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Institute for the Study of European Transformations
London Metropolitan University
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Mike studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter College, Oxford, 1964-67, before completing his D.Phil, also at Oxford.  He taught in WEA and adult education while doing his Doctorate and, on its completion, moved to the then Polytechic of North London.  Beginning as a Lecturer in Politics in 1972, he was successively Senior Lecturer, Principal Lecturer and then, from 1992, Professor.  In 1978-79 he also spent a year at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques at the University of Bordeaux.  His main responsibilities were in the development of European Studies as a degree and research area and he was awarded a Jean Monnet Professorship in 1996 (subsequently as a Personal Chair).   In 1993 he became Director of the London European Research Centre (LERC), which held a series of international conferences and seminars and promoted critical, independent research on European integration.  Subsequently, LERC joined  ISET, when it was formed in 2002, and he became an associate member.   He was also involved in the promotion of European Studies nationally and internationally, particularly in the Standing Conference of Heads of European Studies and as Chair of the European Studies subject area in the Tuning Project (a pan-European initiative to implement the Bologna Process by understanding curricula and making them comparable).   In 2002 he also helped to promote a new undergraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, for which he was course leader from 2005 until 2009.


Research Interests

His research interests have always been rather wide-ranging, including the study of the Left, political biography, and the European Union.  More recently, he has moved into the area of peace and conflict.


Single Authored Books

Humanitarian Intervention: Confronting the Contradictions, Hurst and Columbia University Press 2009

Socialism: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2005

Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left, Merlin Press, 2002

Democracy, Sovereignty and the European Union, Hurst, 1996

Harold Laski, A Political Biography, Macmillan, 1993 (re-published in paperback with a new introduction by Merlin Press, 2009),

John Strachey, Manchester University Press, 1989

Socialism and European Unity: The Dilemma of the Left in Britain and France, Hurst, 1983.

Edited Books

European Integration in Unity and Diversity (co-edited with Stefano Fella and Mary Farrell), Sage 2002

Democratizing the European Union: Issues for the Twenty-First Century, Co-edited with Catherine Hoskyns, Manchester University Press, 2000; Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, 2007.

Economic Policy Making and the European Union, Co-edited with Frank Brouwer  and Valerio Lintner The Federal Trust, 1994

Mitterrand’s France, Co-edited with Sonia Mazey, Croom Helm, 1987.

Selected Articles, Chapters and Papers

‘Allegiance and the European Union’ in Fernando Guirao, Frances Lynch & Sigfrido Ramirez (eds.) Alan S. Milward and a Century of European Change  Routledge, forthcoming.

‘Introduction to the  interviews’ (with Marko Bojcun) in Peter Gowan, A Calculus of Power: Grand Strategy in the 21st Century, Verso, forthcoming

 ‘Revisiting the “Responsibility to Protect”’, Political Quarterly, 80 (1) Jan-March, 2009

‘Class, State and Democracy: Laski, Miliband and the Search for a Synthesis’, Political Studies vol. 54, no. 2, June 2006

‘What kind of European Union in the Twenty-First Century?’ Comparative Law Review, Vol.14, 2006, Nicholas Copernicus University (Poland)

‘The EU in Crisis’  Radical Philosophy, Sept-October 2005

‘After the Permissive Consensus: Still Searching for Democracy’ in Jeremy Richardson (ed.) European Union: Power and Policy-Making  (3rd edition), Routledge, 2005.

‘Britain, the USA and the Czechoslovak Crisis of 1968’, Labour Focus on Eastern Europe, issue 73/74, 2003.

‘The European Union and Human Rights’ in Edward Kolodziej (ed.), A Force Profonde: The Power, Politics and Promise of Human Rights, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003.

‘Ralph Miliband and the Labour Party: From Parliamentary Socialism to “Bennism”’ in J.Callaghan, S.Fielding and S.Ludlam (eds.) Interpreting the Labour Party: Approaches to Labour politics and history, Manchester University Press, 2003.

‘Reconceptualising Democracy in the European Union’ in James Anderson (ed.) Transnational Democracy - Political Spaces and Border Crossings, Routledge, 2002.

‘The State of the European “State”’, Review article in Political Quarterly, vol. 73, no. 3, July-Sept 2002

‘Allegiance, Legitimation, Democracy and the European Union’ EUI Working Papers HEC, no. 2001/5, 2001

‘Democracy and Accountability in the European Union’ in Jeremy Richardson (ed.) European Union: Power and Policy-Making, (2nd edition), Routledge, 2001

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‘Democracy and the European Union’ in Valerie Symes, Carl Levy and Jane Littlewood (eds.) The Future of Europe Macmillan, 1997

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‘Harold Laski Today’, Political Quarterly, Vol 67, No.3, July-September 1996

‘The West European Left today: Crisis, decline or renewal? Review article in Contemporary Politics, Vol 1, No.3, Autumn 1995

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The European Community - Where does the Power Lie? European Dossier Series 25, University of North London Press 1993

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‘The Origins of Munich: British Policy in Danubian Europe, 1933-1937’, The Historical Journal, Vol.21, No.2 1978

‘”Democracy versus Dictatorship” Labour’s Role in the Struggle against British Fascism’ History Workshop Journal, 1978

‘Britain and the German-Austrian Customs Union Proposal of 1931’, European Studies Review, Vol.6, 1976.


Postgraduate Students

I have supervised 8 successful PhD candidates and 2 successful MPhil candidates.  I am currently supervising 3 PhD candidates.

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