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Working Paper Series


The Working Paper series presents works in progress, and key ideas and findings, relating to ISET’s main research interests in the transformations taking place across Europe and in Europe’s relations with the wider world.

Most of the papers are authored by ISET members and those affiliated to the Institute, but we welcome contributions from other individuals who share ISET’s research interests.

Potential authors should contact the series editor, Monica Threlfall:

Guidelines for authors

The papers can be dowloaded as PDF files by clicking on the appropriate WP numbers.

/l22097_3.pdf WP1

Allan M Williams and Vladimir Baláz
International return mobility, learning and knowledge transfer: Slovak doctors

/k53123_3.pdf WP2 English
/l60574_3.pdf WP2 French

Nick Mai
L’errance et la prostitution des mineurs et des jeunes majeurs migrants dans l’espace de l’Union européenne (Minors and young migrants’ involvement in errant mobility and sex work within the EU)

/l37989_3.pdf WP3

Allan M Williams and Vladimir Baláz
Air travel reregulation and regional economies in Europe: unintended and forseen consequences for productivity

/f37308_3.pdf WP4

Lyn Thomas
Reading and Writing with Bourdieu: Popular and Literary Intertexts in Annie Ernaux’s Les Armoires vides

/p71669_3.pdf WP5

Vladimir Baláz
The evolution and population dynamics of voice communication technologies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, 1948-2006

/t95446_3.pdf WP6

Liliana Pop
The new comparative-international politics and the study of post-communist transformations in Europe

/z48897_3.pdf WP7

Allan M Williams
It's not what you know but where you know: human capital, knowledge and international migration

/u71635_3.pdf WP8

Gino G Raymond
Left out or left in? Paradoxes of the French Left's responses to Islam

/c52116_3.pdf WP9

Martijn de Koning
Identity in transition. Connecting online and offline internet practices of Moroccan-Dutch Muslim youth

Barbara Einhorn WP10

Barbara Einhorn
European citizenship or narrow nationalisms? The challenge of gender

/o84224_3.pdf WP11

Monica Threlfall
Social policies and rights in the European Union and the Council of Europe: Enforcement or Exhortation?

/f44891_3.pdf WP12

Natalia Chaban,
Allan Williams, Martin Holland, Valerie Boyce and Frendehl Warner
Crossing cultural borders: analyzing experiences of the NZ return migrants from the EU

Henri C Nickels, Lyn Thomas, Mary J. Hickman, Sara Silvestri
A comparative study of the representations of "suspect" communities in Multi-ethnic Britain and of their impact on Irish communities and Muslim communities - mapping newspaper content.

Kate Soper

Sustaining social movements: Some personal reflections

Hanna Komorowska
Approaches to Multilingualism in Europe - Shared Values and Controversial Issues

WP16 Nov 2010
Monica Threlfall
Ten Goals and One Solution for Westminster Electoral Reform:
Marrying Constituency Links with Proportional Representation

Nick Mai
The Psycho-Social Trajectories of Albanian and Romanian 'Traffickers'

Rueyling Tzeng
International Middle Class Migration and Mobility: French Nationals Working in the UK

Inge Weber-Newth
From Perpetrator to Victim? Germans' Shifting Memories of War


Mary Hickman and Robert Moore
Changing and Claiming Ethnic Identities in the 1991 and 2001 Censuses

WP 21  
Ben Rogaly
'Indigenous' Transnationalism: Life Geographies of the 'White Working Class'

Monica Threlfall
Citizens' preferences for their political representation:
A qualitative study of the UK, Spain, Poland and Macedonia


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