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Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

02   Spring 2012





Press launch for the Moscow School of Architecture

Fred Gatley at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Amelia Bauskis at the Easter Bunny pop-up show

ASD Unit 5 dressing London: Conversation Pieces

ARU: View of the fourth floor boulevard, Central House

David Skingle, A fragment of the cross 2010

Bae Sang Soo, drawing of the wind 1998



Head to Head

This is the second of my newsletters and the first one directed to the two Faculties that will become one in August. So much seems to have happened since my last newsletter and we are on track for the merger. However these remain difficult times for Higher Education and society generally and there have been periods of great uncertainty for some staff and students. I apologise for this and want to thank you all for your continuing enthusiasm and good humour. In the last few months we have achieved much and we are now set to enjoy the potential of our new Faculty. These are some of the highlights:


Our new name and identity
After many conversations and a formal consultation with staff I am able to announce, subject only to the final approval of the Cass Foundation, that from the first of August the the name of the new Faculty will be the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design. On a day-to-day basis we will simply be known as The Cass. Initially there will be three schools, Art, Architecture and Design.

We are now in the middle of work on a new identity and web site for The Cass. Last week we appointed the Bureau For Visual Affairs to develop our new identity and website. BVA are specialists in the visual arts. Have a look at the their website: www.bureau-va.com
The new identity and website will be launched during the end of year shows.

Media and Music Technology

The Faculty is currently taking part in a University review of how Media is structured and taught across the University. This is why Media does not appear in the name of the Faculty at present. Intriguing possibilities now exist for new structures that cross Faculty boundaries. I will keep you informed as the conversation develops. In the meantime I will launch a short consultation to agree which of the three schools should host Media and MT for the coming year whilst the University wide review takes place.

New studios and library rumours

The detailed designs for the first phase of work to Central House by the Architecture Research Unit (ARU) are complete and the project has gone out to tender. Work will start in June to create new studio spaces for Fine Art, Jewellery and Silversmithing and Postgraduate Architecture students on the third, fourth and fifth floors. You might also have heard rumours that a number of libraries will be consolidated into Commercial Road. The University is considering this proposal and the Faculty is being consulted. Whilst the proposal would mean the loss of some space in Commercial Road it would make funding available to reorganise and refurbish the remainder of Commercial Road including the entrance area and workshops. Obviously the balance between loss of space and potential investment is critical and we will be watching the proposals very carefully.

The Moscow School of Architecture

Last week I was in Moscow for the press launch of a new architecture school we have helped set up and will validate. The Moscow School of Architecture (MARCH) is part of the British Higher School of Art and Design and will offer our Architecture students the opportunity to study in Moscow as part of their course. It will also allow us to carry out live projects, research and consultancy in Russia. The MARCH shares our concern for socially responsible architecture and the role practices can play in education. Studios in MARCH will be taught by leading Russian practitioners such as Eugene Asse and Alexander Brodsky. If you are interested in knowing more contact me direct.

Cass TV and new student societies

You will have seen the TV screens in the entrances to Central House and Commercial Road. These coincide with the setting up by media students of our very own TV station. I had the terrifying honour of being its first interviewee and await the result with some trepidation. Thank you to the students who have set this up and I know they are open to ideas for content. Please contact Karen Smith on this.

Following a call for proposals in November three new student societies have been formed representing Fine Art, Media and Design. Rosmond Milner can provide details if you want to join or propose new ones.

The RIBA have come and gone

In January the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) visited ASD as part of the five year cycle of validation. I am pleased to be able to confirm that our RIBA parts 1, 2 & 3 courses received validation without any recommendations or conditions. This is the best possible outcome! Thank you to everyone who took part and especially to those students who put together the student submissions and those who made their portfolios available. You can collect them now!

The Aldgate Project

The Aldgate Project is underway. In February there was a “Work in Progress” show and in March there were presentations by students. As we hoped, the Project has gathered interest and support from organisations and individuals involved in the Aldgate area and negotiations are underway with several of them to take projects forward. Two weeks ago the Aldgate Project received a Podium Award for Creative Cultural Project. Congratulations to all involved. The Aldgate Project now has a great website, do have a look: www.aldgateproject.org

Dressing London

You will have seen that the Habib Bank has moved out of Central House. The space has been used for a series of pop-up shows and events and work has now begun on plans for turning the space into a gallery, café and lecture space. The Faculty has also been successful in bidding for a project to celebrate the Olympics. We hope to win funding for a series of mobile sound pieces that will register and record conversations during the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. The pieces will be housed in the Bank, which will be redesigned as a living room for London for the duration of the games.

David Skingle and Bae Sang Soo

As you will know David Skingle, Academic Leader Printmaking, died suddenly in March. David made an enormous contribution to AMD as an inspiring teacher and respected practitioner. We have been discussing how to best celebrate David’s career and we are planning an exhibition and publication in the Autumn and a prize in David’s name that will be awarded this Summer. If you have any other thoughts please let me know.

In February Bae Sang Soo also died suddenly. Bae was a student of ASD, worked with ARU and was recently a design tutor taking part in our collaboration with KNUA in Seoul. Bae will also be missed terribly and discussions are underway as how best to celebrate his contribution to ASD.

If you have any comments or want to discuss any of the above do contact me.

Professor Robert Mull, Dean.

Our recent successes

Just a few examples:
Simone Ten Hompel, Reader in Silversmithing and Jewellery has won the Bayrisoffer Staatspreis 2012
MA Curating the Contemporary students Rianne Groen, Nora Belovai, and Marte Paulssen are working with the Olbricht Foundation at the Me-Collectors Gallery in Berlin
Fred Gatley, technician at The Cass selected to show his ceramics at ‘Team London 2012’ exhibition
Aldgate Project awarded a Bronze medal in the Podium Awards for Creative Cultural Projects
Artist In Residence Elizabeth Aurion Peers won four Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards
Cass and ASD staff and students exhibited at Design Exhibition for Diamond Jubilee and met HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
ASD Unit 4’s team Heliomet displayed their solar powered house Sunbloc at Ecobuild exhibtion www.heliomet.org
Renata Pavelka, Joe Sharp, Matt Treacy and Will Moore from BA (Hons) Film and Broadcast Production finalists in international competition for a Chevrolet commercial
Research by PhD student Francesca Zampollo in partnership with Cornell University covered widely in US Media
ASD tutor Deborah Saunt has been shortlisted for Woman In Architecture Award and Holly Lewis and Fran Balaam have been shortlisted for Emerging Woman in Architecture. Fran also presented a feature on the RIBA Annual Awards on the BBC’s Culture Show
Fine Art student Patricija Stepanovic currently exhibiting at the Mall Galleries as part of BBC2’s Show Me the Monet
ASD tutors Cottrell + Vermeulen were awarded Architect of the Year for Education and East Architecture Landscape and Urban Design won for Planning
Amanda Marillier, a BA Fine Art student represented London Metropolitan University in the Uni Music League competition
Chien-Wei Chang, of MA by Project held solo show ‘Don’t Look back! I told you so’ at the New Walk Museum and Gallery
Ralph Overill of BA (Hons) Fine Art won the Clifford Chance Award for Printmaking

Please download ASD_CASS newsletter 02.pdf

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