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RAE 2008

Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

CURA. in collaboration with Furini Arte Contemporanea presents...


CURA. in collaboration with Furini Arte Contemporanea presents...

The Commercial Road Project, that sees five international artists represented by five Roman galleries, to be featured at the LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY in London, presents, for its fourth edition, the British artist William Cobbing (London, 1974). The performance gesture which in William Cobbing‘s work quashes the notion of time in a continuous and uninterrupted cycle, is herecrystallized in a mechanical framework, congealed into an image which suggests a non-concluded but suspended action.

A full-scale silhouette, modeled on his own figure and made abstract by the large relief against which it is placed –an oversizedreproduction of a clay model–, recalls Renato Bertelli’s Profilo continuo del Duce [The Duce’s Continuous Profile] (1933), capturing the stasis of a semicircular movement which is suggested, evoked, not real. The premise is of creation captured in its making, only temporarily frozen, the surface apparently damp as to witness the process. The matter of the relief, modeled by the silhouette, embodies a becoming which finds its explanation and meaning in the temporal and temporary dimension.


London Metropolitan University