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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Research Assessment Excercise 2008

The RAE 2008 represents an opportunity for the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design to survey, collate and make more widely available to the public a selection of the most exciting research currently happening in and around the department.

The work presented here is taken from the diverse range of activities conducted by the research groups of the department. This includes areas that may not be immediately suggested by the department's title: audio arts as well as fine arts, conservation and restoration work as well as design, musical instrument technology and media arts.

The research shows the department's capacity to embrace new technologies and cross-disciplinary collaboration in creative practice as well as maintaining and developing tradition through its variety of practice based and scholarly research.

RA5a - Research Environment and Esteem

Participating Staff - UOA63 - Art & Design

Susan Andrews

Assa Ashuach

Tomoko Azumi

Yossi Balanescu-Bal

Jane Barnwell

Dipti Bhagat

Patrick Brill

Ben Cain

Helen Carnac

Tracey Chaplin

Edward Cooper

Alan Craxford

John Cross

Nicolas de Oliveira

Veronica Diesen

Susanna Edwards

Brian Falconbridge

Neil Ferguson

Steven Follen

Marianne Forrest

Javier Garavaglia

David Gates

David Goodwin

Nick Haeffner

Paul Harper

Annabelle Hartmann

Matthew Hobson

David Howells

Richard Hylton

Chris Jennings

Lewis Jones

Mike King

Charles Kriel

Tina Lilienthal

Rosemarie McGoldrick

Pat Moloney

Sue Newton-Short

Nicola Oxley

Nigel Oxley

Clare Qualmann

Mah Rana

Linden Reilly

Ian Robertson

Anne Robinson

Susan Skingle

Chris Smith

Paul St George

Simone ten Hompel

William Warren

Alexander Wendt

David Wilkinson

Mick Williamson

Camilla Wilson

Charlie Woolley

London Metropolitan University