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Some of our current research students...

Andrew Atkinson "Late medieval and early modern string instrument makers: their work, methods and tools."
Email: ama230@londonmet.ac.uk

Abeer A. Baghdadi "An examination of Contemporary Jewellery within Saudi Arabia through comparative analysis of exhibition, audience perception and critical debate."

Jon Baldwin "Exchange in culture: gifts and commodities."

James Edward Barrett "Music technology in school education in Britain."
Email: jebarret@glam.ac.uk

Sara Cannizzaro "Cybernetics and the cyberpunk virtual community: biosemiotic approach."

Crispin Caunter "The yidaki (didjeridu): acoustics, playing techniques and styles."
Email: Crispassion@aol.com

Jean Collingsworth "Transformational Texts: Genre, Discourse and Subjectivity in the Self-Help Book."

Mathew Dart "The baroque bassoon: its form, construction, development, acoustics and playing qualities."
Email: m.dart@londonmet.ac.uk

Javier Alejandro Garavaglia (PhD by Prior Output)
"Music dramaturgy in the light of my own compositions."
Email: j.garavaglia@londonmet.ac.uk

Ilona Goldmane "Shakespeare Now: Exploring the Synergy of Communication Channels and the Concept of Intersemiotic Translations in Hamlet Film."

Dimitra Gournai "Reflecting Images: Towards an interactive process in art embodied practice."
Email: dimitragounari@yahoo.co.uk

Andrew Gray "Embodied practice: The embodied nature of reflection in action."
Email: andrewleegray@gmail.com

Paul Harper "Articulating craft practice in the 21st Century."
Email: paul.tamsin@btinternet.com

William Longden "Bespoke acoustic musical instrument design for people who have disabilities which present special access requirements."
Email: will@williamlongden.com

Alice Margerum "Situating the citole, circa 1200-1400"
Email: amargerum@hotmail.co.uk

José Antonio Martín Salinas "Pitch resources for new music: an integrated approach to instrument development and composition."
Email: tony@tonysalinas.com

John Milnes "The English cello and its principal makers: 1750 - 1820" Email: milnes@beeb.net

Julia Moore "Art and the Academy."
Email: julia@suziehigh.co.uk

Michaela Reiser "Uses of live sound in digital media practice to provide an experience of displacement."
Email: Mic.Reiser@uwe.ac.uk

Harjit Singh Shah "The technology of Indian musical instruments: tradition, contemporary practice and new developments."
Email: harjitshah@hotmail.com

Paul St George (Now Principal Lecturer at LondonMet) "The interplay between time and movement in events, recordings and presentations in fine art: the aim is to make works and to develop a medium through which contemporary artists can continue the aims of the Chronophotographers and through which contemporary viewers can gain a deeper experiential understanding of time and movement."
Email: p.stgeorge@londonmet.ac.uk

Luke Tredinnick "The idea of text in the digital age: a study in the transformation of the cultural status of textual artefacts under the conditions of their digital production, reproduction, transmission and dissemination."

Pamela White "A Comparative Study of Acknowledgement Processes in Western Fine Art and Theatre/Film Production."
Email: pamwhi7634@yahoo.co.uk

Some of our past research students...

Daniele Albertazzi (Now Senior Lecturer in Media at Christ's Church College, Canterbury.) "Padania or Northern Italy? The invention of a national community in the words of Lega Nord."

Jon Baldwin (Now lecturer at LondonMet) "The Gift in Culture."

Sibel Celik "Nomadism, Postmodernism & Islam in Turkish cinema."

Isabelle Fremeaux (Now lecturer at Birkbeck) "The strategic dimension of community in cultural projects within urban regeneration schemes."

Fred Gatley "Ceramic polishing as a studio finishing process."

Javier Lopez Martin "Historical & technological evolution of artillery from its earliest widespread use until the predominance of mass production techniques."


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