The Centre for the Study of Religious Conflict and Cooperation (CSRCC) has the following objectives:
  • Production of high quality research and consultancy in the fields of religion, conflict resolution and development;
  • Design and delivery of courses of various duration and intensity;
  • Promotion of critical debate on and approaches to religion and conflict resolution via conferences, publications and other appropriate forums;
  • Enhancement of research and teaching in the field of religion and politics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our growing number of research students will be provided with the opportunity of contributing to the objectives of the Centre.

The Centre's staff undertake teaching, research and publication, and research supervision in fields directly related to the Centre’s core concerns. They have extensive experience of working collegially, including: joint supervision of research students, participation, organisation and development of research projects and publications in the field of religion and politics,

The Centre provides a conducive space for systematic and dynamic coordination and development of such activities. The Centre will have an advisory board, whose member will be established figures working in the area of religion, conflict resolution and development - in Britain and elsewhere. London Metropolitan University’s Human Rights and Social Justice Institute and Global Policy Institute work closely with the Centre and their directors have agreed to join the Advisory Board.


  Page last updated : : 04 Dec 2008