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Alasdair MacIntyre, "Catholic Rather than What?", Villanova University, 27th September, 2012 (preceded by no less than 45 minn. of introductions, the third of which, at least, is worth hearing).

Alasdair MacIntyre, "Philosophical Education Against Contemporary Culture", Duquesne University, 18th November, 2010.

Alasdair MacIntyre, "Intolerance, Censorship, and Other Requirements of Rationality", London Metropolitan University, 28th October 2010.
Alasdair MacIntyre, "Ends and Endings", Catholic University of America, 25th September 2009.

Alasdair MacIntyre, "On Having Survived the Academic Moral Philosophy of the Twentieth Century", University College Dublin, 7th March 2009.

Alasdair MacIntyre, "Newman's Idea of a University", Las Casas Institute, Oxford, 9th June 2009.

Alasdair MacIntyre et al., colloquium on God, Philosophy, Universities, Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, 22nd April 2010.

Alex Bavister-Gould, on MacIntyre on traditions, London Met, 28th October 2009.

Amartya Sen, interviewed by Harry Kreisler on his intellectual biography and on economic development and the capabilities approach, 4th March 2005.

Charles Taylor, "Can Human Action Be Explained?", Columbia University, 10th November 2009.

Charles Taylor, "The Future of the Secular", The New School, 5th March 2009.

Christine Korsgaard, "The Natural History of the Good (The Pufendorf Lectures)", Lund University, 28th-31st May 2013.

Enrico Berti, interviewed (in Italian) by Giovanni Ventimiglia on the difference between Aristotelian metaphysics and analytic philosophy.

Francisco de Vitoria, lectures on (in Spanish), Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala.

Fred D. Miller, Jr., "Aristotle and Liberty", University of Waterloo, 2007.

Hans-Georg Gadamer, interviewed (in German) by Rüdiger Safranski on "the art of understanding"; part two.

John McDowell, "Intention in Action", 2006 Howison Lecture, University of California, Berkeley.

Martha Nussbaum, on gender and sexuality law, Columbia Law School, 13th February 2009.

Martha Nussbaum, "Compassion: Human and Animal" (with response by Frans de Waal), Duke University, 8th November 2007.

Martha Nussbaum, interviewed by Harry Kreisler on her intellectual biography, development of the capabilities approach, and recent work, 14th September 2006.

Martha Nussbaum, "Equal Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams and the Roots of a Constitutional Tradition", University of California, Berkeley, 13th September 2006.

Martha Nussbaum, on Aristotle, interviewed by Bryan Magee, 1987.

Greg Sadler, on Nicomachean Ethics Book 1, YouTube, with links to some of Greg's other undergraduate lectures.

Michael Sandel's "Justice" website, including videos of his 2009 u.g. Harvard course.

Michael Sandel's Harvard lectures on "Affirmative Action and Purpose" and "The Good Citizen and the Freedom to Choose".

Michael Sandel's 2009 Reith Lectures.

Michael Sandel, "Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning" (about same sex marriage), Aspen Institute, 4th July 2008.

Ralph McInerny, on Aquinas on Aristotle.

Steven B. Smith's introductory (theoretical), second (on forms of regime) and third (on republicanism) Harvard u.g. lectures on Aristotle's Politics.

William McNeill, Tracing Techne: Heidegger, Aristotle, and the Legacy of Philosophy, Catholic University of America, 30th September 2011 (and other videos on Heidegger).


Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies seminars, University of Oxford, 2012.

Alasdair MacIntyre, "Four Political Aristotles", London Metropolitan University, 3rd June 2011.

Kirsten Ainley, "Virtue Ethics Beyond the Nation State", London Metropolitan University, 3rd June 2011.

Keith Breen, & Ron Beadle, on "Work and Practical Reasoning", and "On the Distinction Between Virtue and Skill", London Metropolitan University, 3rd June 2011.

Peter Adamson's talks on Aristotle, King's College London.

John Cooper, "Aristotle's Philosophy as Two Ways of Life", University of Oxford, 11th May, 2011.

Stephen Halliwell, Angie Hobbs & Nick Lowe discuss "Aristotle's Poetics", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Paul Cartledge, Angie Hobbs & Annabel Brett discuss "Aristotle's Politics", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Richard Kraut on goodness, University of Chicago philosophy department podcast.

Terence Irwin on Aristotle's ethics, Philosophy Bites.

Myles Burnyeat on Aristotle on happiness, Philosophy Bites.

Roger Crisp on Aristotle's ethics, n.d..

Roger Crisp on virtue ethics, Philosophy Bites.

Roger Crisp, Miranda Fricker & Galen Strawson discuss "Virtue", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Robert Anderson, David Banach, Tom Larson & Kevin Staley on "Platonism vs. Aristotelianism", Saint Anselm College, 1st October 2009.

Han Baltussen on Aristotle and his heritage, The Philosopher's Zone.

Peter Adamson on (early) Arabic philosophy, The Philosopher's Zone.

Peter Adamson on Avicenna, Philosophy Bites.

Anthony Kenny, Peter Adamson & Amira Bennison discuss "Averroes", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Rosalind Hursthouse & Philippa Foot discuss Elizabeth Anscombe, Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4.

David Novak on "Natural Law and Divine Commands", Saint Anselm College, 16th April 2007.

Arthur Madigan, S.J., on "What Happens to Aristotelian Teleology in the Twentieth Century?" (including old and new natural law theory), Saint Anselm College, 4th April, 2006.

Gavin Colvert, "Back to Nature: Aquinas and Ethical Naturalism", Saint Anselm College, 28th November 2006.

John Haldane, Annabel Brett & Martin Palmer discuss "St. Thomas Aquinas", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Anthony Kenny on Aquinas' ethics, Philosophy Bites.

Anthony Kenny on his A New History of Western Philosophy, Philosophy Bites.

Carsten Dutt, Dieter Teichert, Jean Grondin & Paul H. Fry on "Hermeneutics", University of Oxford, September 2011.

Allan Gotthelf & Harry Binswanger reminisce about Ayn Rand (including on Aristotle, two thirds through), 23rd April 2005.

Richard Sorabji, Ruth Padel & Martin Palmer discuss "The Soul", In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Mark Vernon on Aristotle on friendship (20 podcasts).

Mark Vernon on friendship, Philosophy Bites.

Alex Neill on the paradox of tragedy, Philosophy Bites.

John Cottingham on the meaning of life, Philosophy Bites.

Madonna Adams on "Aristotle, Hume, and Montessori on the Preconditions of Ethics", Saint Anslem College, 20th February 2007.

Charles Taylor interviewed on A Secular Age by Jack Russell Weinstein, Why? Radio, 10th October 2010.

Michael Sandel on what should not be sold, Philosophy Bites.

Martha Nussbaum, on sexuality and the law, University of Chicago philosophy department podcast.

Michael Sandel, "Justice and the Moral Limits of Markets", LSE, 12th October 2009.

Amartya Sen, "The Idea of Justice", LSE, 27th July 2009.

Amartya Sen in conversation about justice (with Richard Sennett), LSE, 20th November 2009.

Amartya Sen, "Child Under-nourishment as a Social Predicament", LSE, 19th January 2010.

Christopher Tollefsen, "Disability and Social Justice", Saint Anselm College, 23rd September, 2008.

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