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September 2012

Comment in Accord Coalition, on HRSJ's report exploring controversies about equality, human rights and religion or belief, 13 Sept 2012

August 2012

A wide-ranging report exploring controversies about equality, human rights and religion or belief in England and Wales has been produced by researchers in the Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute.

PRESS RELEASE by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

A Donald's comment in the UK Human Rights Blog

Comment on the Equality and Diversity Forum

April 2012

Press Release, "The UK and the European Court of Human Rights - a new research report written by HRSJ's Philip Leach, Alice Donald and Jane Gordon, published by The  Equality and Human Rights Commission, sets out to debunk myths about the European system of human rights protection and its impact on the UK. View the extensive press coverage of our report via the  links below

24 April, ECHR BLOG: Academic Report on UK and ECHR

20 April, Financial Times: Critics question gains as Clarke hails court reform.

20 April: UK vs. Strasbourg: dont believe the hype - says Alice Donald, HRSJ in the UK Human Rights Blog

20 April, The Guardian: Clarke lauds reforms to European court

20 April, The Guardian: Yes, criticise individual cases but Strasbourg court should develop law

20 April, The Daily Telegraph: Clarke hails European court reform despite its leader saying nothing has changed

19 April, The Guardian: Ken Clarke backs 'Brighton declaration'
The Guardian

19 April:  Strasbourg: focus on facts, not fiction- P.Leach, A.Donald and  J.Gordon, The Times 

19 April, Financial Times: Clarke hails ECHR reform but critics unconvinced

19 April, Daily Mail: Human rights humiliation 1: Judges defy UK bid to overhaul European Court

March 2012

"Tinkering with the powers of the human rights court could be dangerous" - read Philip Leach's comment in The Guardian

February 2012 

Dr Costas Paraskeva, who completed his PhD at HRSJ gets elected as the Cypriot member of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT).  Read the full article here

Court after Protocol 14.bmp

January 2012  

P.Leach, Resolving Systemic Human Rights Violations – Assessing the European Court’s Pilot Judgment Procedure  in S. Besson (ed.) The European Court of Human Rights after Protocol 14  – Preliminary Assessment and Perspectives, Geneva, Schulthess, 2011

December 2011  UK Bill of rights questioned

November 2011  HRSJ's contribution to a consultation on a new Bill of Rights for the UK

October 2011  Strasbourg and the UK: Dialogue or Conflict?

September 2011 London Met expert to speak at Human Rights debate

September 2011 HRSJ Director calls for Human Rights clarity

August 2011 The Guardian - Reforming human rights in Europe

August 2011, Practical guide to human rights produced at LondonMet

August 2011, The Guardian - Online human rights guidance launched by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

June 2011  HRSJ helps develop new human rights practice site

January 2011 Islington Tribunal - 'Fairness gurus' Professor Richard Wilkinson and Will Hutton go head to head'

January 2011  Human Rights and Social Justice hotly debated at London Met

Philip Leach shortlisted for the 2010 JUSTICE Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

HRSJ Director shortlisted for JUSTICE Human Rights Lawyer of the Year award

October 2010 Influential London Met philosopher to give public talk

March 2010 HRSJ launches EHRC-commissioned Bill of Rights report

June 2009  HRSJ to examine the practice of the European Court of Human Rights

April 2009  Security and Protection for Human Rights Defenders 

June 2008  HRSJ Professor wins first prize for book   


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