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Research Strands

HRSJ carries out a broad range of inter-disciplinary research on human rights and social justice within and outside the UK. The Institute regularly collaborates with colleagues in London Metropolitan University and with research bodies outside the university. Our research and training activity is currently organised under the following strand:

Human Rights Defenders at Risk
HRSJ is developing research interests allied to our training, consultancy and events concerned with sustainable support for human rights defenders working in ‘at risk’ countries.  The Institute hosted in 2009 an international conference on Security and Protection for Human Rights Defenders designed to engage European support and UK focus on the important work being done by human rights defenders worldwide in an increasingly dangerous climate.


Other strands that HRSJ has been involved in:

Civil and Political Rights - Europe in transition and conflict
This strand is concerned with the protection of fundamental civil and political rights in the former Soviet states and in regions of conflict within Europe. In these contexts, the Institute carries out research, provides consultancy and training, and maintains an international human rights litigation practice.

Our research has also provided critical evaluations of the operation of the European Court of Human Rights. This research has been concerned with, among other issues, access to justice and the adequacy of redress for victims of human rights violations within Europe. The research is guided not only by scientific interest, but also by a desire to help ensure the survival of the Strasbourg system under current institutional pressures.

Human rights, poverty and inequality
HRSJ is developing research interests in the connections between human rights, poverty and inequality and the legal, policy and political tools that are used to implement and enforce socio-economic rights.  This research interest builds on previous HRSJ research projects concerned with the right to health.

Human Rights and Social Justice in the UK
HRSJ actively engages in human rights debates within the UK. The Institute has carried out three research projects for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. These explored the implementation and impact of the Human Rights Act and processes for creating a UK Bill of Rights that would be most likely to engender a sense of popular ownership and democratic legitimacy.


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