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Wangui Wa Goro

Wangui wa Goro is an academic social critic, researcher, translator and writer and a campaigner for human rights in Africa and Europe. She has been involved in rights for race, gender equality and democracy for over twenty years. Her book which is co-edited with Kelly Coate and Suki Ali published by Routledge in 2001 has been significant in shaping debates about human rights, identity, location and democracy.

She is a pioneer in translation of African literature and her translation of Ngugi wa Thion'o's work from Gikuyu to English brought her global acclaim. Her research interests are in the field of human rights and translation. She also translates ground breaking and award winning authors from French to English.

In the past, she has served on significant academic committees including the executive Committee of the Women's Studies Network UK, the translation advisory committees of the British Centre for Literary translation and that of the Arts Council. Wangui wa Goro also currently serves on the Pen International translation advisory committee and on the Executive committee of the African Literature Association. She is also one of the international advisors for the Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora based at the University of Florida.

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