A fun evening presenting work through quick slide shows! +info


An evening of poetry, performance, film and story. WIth guest speaker Andy Brown, author of poetry colleciotnL The fool and the physician + info



Exhibition and symposium about marking time through art. October 2011. + info

25th - 26th June 2010 : London Metropolitan University


The Facility relaunched as a Reserch Centre for Creative Research. September 2011. + info

25th - 26th June 2010 : London Metropolitan University


The Facility presented a weekend of Creative Practice by researchers from London Metropolitan University. + info

September 2009 : London Metropolitan University

An exciting series of performance as research events took place as part of this programme. Five mulit disciplinary performers and collaborators explores ways of effectively and creatively documenting their work. + more info

10th March 2009 : The American University of Paris

Jacek Ludwig Scarso and soprano and dancer Maya Sapone gave a demonstration of their unusual approach to creating the score from MEDOUSA, a chamber opera for one, one contemporary dancer and percussive instrument. + more info

Spring/Summer 2008 : Various Venues
The Magdalene Mysteries

Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre embark on an epic journey across the different depections of Mary magdalene through the ages. A cross-cultural cast of actors, dancers and singers tell the stories of this facinating character through an original devised text, contemporary dance and vocal music. + more info

15th November 2007 : Women's Library
Archiving and Recording Performance as Research Part 2:
What Do You Do?

A seminar exploring issues related to recording and archiving performance as research was organised by The Facility at the Women's Library.

28th June 2007 : London Met

Adapted from Euripides’ text (in a translation by Arthur S. Way) MEDEA MADE MEDEA is the second in a trilogy of pieces by Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre, voicing the issues raised by female characters in classical theatre. + more info

18th June 2007 : The Roundhouse, London
Taking Place 2

Taking Place 2 presented the performance research undertaken by Helen Spackman and Fabrizio Manco in the Salento region of Pulglia, southern Italy, July 2005 - present. + more info

25th May 2007 : London Met

A performance sharing and discussion event which examined the theatricalised female form and the power of that dancing line.

The event was part of a performance research project by choreographer Jane Turner in collaboration with writer Andrea Stuart and included a cast of highly skilled performers and leading contemporary artists. + more info

14th April 2007 : London Met
Taking Place

Taking Place, The Facility's third international symposium, took notions of place and explored them through performance. The symposium showcased five exciting pieces of performance as research in the context of academia and industry discussion and debate. Work included dance, live and performance art and theatre. + more info

13th February 2007 : City Hall
"We don't want any freaks in our show"

The Facility, in conjunction with Diverse City, invited disabled artists/performers and leading non-disabled figures in the world of the arts and media to a provocative roundtable discussion chaired by David Morris (Senior Policy Adviser on disability issues to the Major of London) which raised questions and explored issues surrounding disability and performance. + more info

9th - 12th November 2006 : London Met

The Facility co-hosted the International Improvisation Festival 'Escapade' in collaboration with 'movingartsbase'. The festival aimed to be an international forum for training in and performance of cutting edge approaches to improvisational practices.... + more info


13th & 14th July 2006 : ICA : London

A two day symposium event which showcased and investigated Verbatim Theatre. The event gathered significant verbatim theatre practitioners along with scholars and other practitioners. The Facility supported the work of one practitioner. + more info

Saturday, 22 April 2006 : Symposium : London Met
Happily Ever After...?

The Facility's second symposium hoped to explore the place and role of narrative in performance within modernism, postmodernism and trans-modernism. It hoped to draw on the constantly emerging interest in performance narratives within both the performance industry and academia. In recent years both scholars and practitioners have frequently … + more info

Saturday, 2nd April 2005 : Symposium : London Met
Problems and Mysteries

Problems and Mysteries comprised a series of performance research experiments and investigations, videos and discussions, prepared by members of the performance community at London Metropolitan University and their... + more info


Problems & Mysteries Image

Tuesday, 21 March 2006 : Performance : Laban, London
The Hilde Holger Centenary Project

In her early twenties, Hilde Holger (1905-2001), still a dancer in Gertrude Bodenwieser's Vienna-based Tanzgruppe, made waves when she branched out to perform her avant-garde miniatures at the Secession and Hagenbund. During the same … + more info

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