Pink Girl | Sugar Free Love 

Lead artist/researcher: Julie Aldivina Thérond

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Pink Girl | Sugar Free Love
slithers on the edge, moving beyond the usual, seducing beyond expectation, teasing life into the fatigue of daily experience. Evolving from public to secret places, she is not afraid to delve into the sensual, to re-supply daily life, to commence an autopsy of dead mannerisms, to pursue new pathways with sensuality and passion.

Pink Girl | Sugar Free Love is also the female grotesque confronting the culture of mannerism that women must ascribe and aspire towards. She exposes herself performing femininity, making a spectacle of herself, crossing social boundaries.

In search for a direct, universal, living and visual performance language, the alter ego and the artist create this sacred space in which both life and art happen at the same time. Each of the performances explores new ways to interact with an audience, permanently engaging with the diversity of displacement. Greeting Ritual for Truth & Extravagance questions old rituals, negotiating with the idea of identity, culture and movement.

Questions, Investigations and Mysteries:

  • How can exploring the notion of place and cultural practices affect a performance practice?
  • The archetype: a universal language beyond places and boundaries
  • The fine line between life and performance: Seeking a sense of connection in places where the connection has run dry
  • Place and Time: Where and when does the performance really take place? A look at the audience perspective and the artist’s creative process.
  • How migrations/places/diasporic and cross-cultural experiences can create artistic identities.



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