Lead artists/researchers: Helen Spackman and Fabrizio Manco

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Performance research undertaken by Helen Spackman and Fabrizio Manco in the Salento region of Puglia, Southern Italy, July 2005 - present.

Abstracting from its aesthetic origins in the Baroque and Tarantism, the focal image/action of Strascico is of the gradual unraveling of a ‘Bride’ (Fabrizio Manco), wrapped by a 250m train (‘strascico’) made of bed-sheets. The performance consists of the slow uncoiling of the strascico, juxtaposed by a video of the sewing of the marrying bride’s train, filmed in August 2006 in Salento, S. Italy*, and accompanied by a series of ritualistic actions performed by ‘La Cieca’ (Helen Spackman).

*STITCH (Punto), screened at TAKING PLACE, London Metropolitan University, 14th April, 2007.

Strascico reflects the experience of moving and leaving between and through the limens of two (or even three) geographical places and cultures, mirroring a continual process of exodus and return that aims to wed sight/site and hearing by linking the shell-like spiral and labyrinth of the choclea with that of the art historical baroque topoi.



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