Lead artist/researchers: Jane Turner

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Triggered is contemporary dance-music-digital performance that interrogates the nature of interaction and its narrative possibilities.  Triggered combines music and dance in an innovative and often seamless manner: the performance opens with the dancers initiating music by interacting with custom-developed sensor technologies embedded in sculptures both free standing and suspended in the space. This process builds a sonic environment which using movement rule systems based on understandings of emergence theory evolves compositional patterns in live performance. This leads to performance of new music-dance composition resulting out of this process of feedback and layering of sound and movement, of live and electronic material resulting in a sophisticated, crafted performance.

After an interval, the performance continues using custom written software and a special hardware interface to track the position and expressive aspects of individual dance clusters to sounding events in the space. These sounds/texts are triggered in a multi-channel spatial audio environment leading to a complex emergent performance of live dance and music with digital audio-visual layering.

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