Ophelia's Song 

Lead Artist/researcher: Jacek Ludwig Scarso (Director)
Performers: Daisy Whyte Chorus: Jessica Bray, Verity Clayton, Christopher Clynes, Karine Duncan, Andrea Huggins, Vincent Jerome, Tracey Kadondo, Leanne Joseph, Amir Sardari
Collaborating choreographer: Vanessa Mildenberg

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Ophelia's Song originated from a research project on Hamlet based at Teatro Abarico, Rome. In revisiting Ophelia's role by stripping this of the superfluous connotations of passivity that appear to have informed its traditional representations, the piece aims to re-discover Ophelia's hidden narrative function by foregrounding her awareness in relation to the tragic fate faced by Hamlet - an awareness instigated by the key moment of the play within the play. While song and physical theatre accompany her story, Ophelia's voice is reinforced by the irreverent verses of 17th century poet Lady Mary Wroth. On the occasion of this symposium, the piece has been specially re-conceived in an outdoor staging, with the participation of selected students from the BA Performing Arts program at London Metropolitan University

Ophelia's Song hopes to explore the following questions:

  • Does narrative stop being narrative when it does not follow a cause-effect pattern?
  • Does post-modern performance simply ignore narrative or, by means of inter-textuality, genre consciousness and contamination, always depend on the awareness of its principles?
  • Does inter-textuality, in promoting cross-references between parallel and often contrasting meanings, favour merely disjointed narrative frameworks or a broader range of narrative possibilities, freed from one-dimensional progression yet still retaining logical, if not chrono-logical, development?

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