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The Facility has re-launched as a centre for research in creative practice. In September 2011 we held an exhibition event to bring together examples of the different strands of creative practice to show case what The Facility support.

The Facility aims to bring together and build on existing creative practitioner research activity from across the university by providing a highly visible locus for the extension, exploration, promotion and dissemination of creative practice, its processes and products.

Here are The Facility's aims and an overview of the centre.

Click on the links below for the abstracts of the eleven academics involved in the exhibition. The abstracts detail their work, their research questions and the piece/s they presented at this event.


Thomas Kampe abstract

Sarah Law

Lucy Richardson

Anne Robsinson

Jacek Scarso

Helen Spackman

Paul St George

Jane Turner

Peter Wilson

Briar Wood



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