From The Jungle 

Come to our space, our stage, our place of play and telling of stories…


 A dance poem, telling the stories of many women and their journeys to finding home. Through the use of weaving, projection, movement and poetry, four performers tell a range of stories.

Part of Anna Sulan Masing’s PhD, this was two and a half years of research and investigation into the stories of the migration of women's lives, in both the UK and Borneo. An exploration in identity, space and location; transitions, journeys and stories... Finding and creating home and belonging.

This exploration has been developed through the language of the performance practices of Iban women, in particular the dancing and a style of performance poetry known as pantun. The Iban performance practice has migrated from the jungle, to urban areas, and globally, and the identity of that practice has developed as the locations have changed. Much like the women performing them. The Iban are an indigenous tribe of Borneo. 




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