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Following a first education in Dance and Theatre Studies in France (Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III), Julie Aldivina Thérond moved 7 years ago to The Netherlands where she has worked as a cook, stage designer, performance and food artist. Interested in contemporary performance practices and theatre anthropology, she has gradually removed herself from the theatres to enter into new spaces and strategies to meet her audiences. In doing so, she has been working cross disciplines, using both an intellectual and intuitive approach to the creative process: a context in which forms are not pre-defined but free to be born again and adapt to situations. In 2004, she has founded ALDIVINA - an interdisciplinary organisation, from a performance approach with the presence of visual art, ritual and food. Her performances explore the intimate, personal, and quotidian aspects of life that are normally taken for granted. Questioning the multiple realities of the body, her generous performances are sensual, seductive as well as subverting our standards of aesthetic. Past works have involved long banquet tables with exposure of food elements, an installation-performance in public bathrooms inquiring into the issue of intimacy in public spaces, and various interventions of Pink Girl | Sugar Free Love in private and public venues.

Currently based between The Netherlands and The UK, Julie Aldivina Thérond is finishing a MA in performance at Goldsmiths College, University of London. At the moment, she is also working as an artist-facilitator on the project ‘Eat London’ organised by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) and consisting of building the city of London out of food elements.

Projects by Julie at The Facility:

» Pink Girl | Sugar Free Love

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