Paul St George 

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Paul St George’s research and practice emerges from a study of the history of late Victorian visual culture. The era is well known for its rich successes, but also hides a number of overlooked or incomplete projects. Paul has uncovered and is completing a number of these, including Chronocyclography, the Telectroscope and Travelling curves.

Paul is curator of Sequences, a UK touring exhibition of contemporary chronophotography, and editor of ‘Sequences: Contemporary Chronophotography and Experimental Digital Art’.

Paul is also editor of ‘imagetime’ for Columbia. ‘imagetime’ is motivated by a recognition that the readerships of photography and the moving image are converging in an interesting place. As the two subjects converge the possibilities for interesting inter–disciplinary critiques emerge, with new critical tools being applied to new kinds of texts and new uses found for existing technologies.

Paul’s public art includes the Telectroscope. The first Telectroscope linked London and New York through a tunnel, a system of parabolic mirrors and an elaborate back-story. Paul is currently developing a number of new projects that bring story, theatre and audiences together.

Paul is Principal Lecturer in Digital Art at London Metropolitan University.

Paul St George 

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