Are You Being Served? 

Lead artist/researcher: Ernst Fischer

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Are you being served? continues Ernst Fischer's research into the etymological link between performance and service (including issues of etiquette) and follows on from his piece The Art of (Self-) Service, which was first performed at 'HOME' (London, 14/2/02) and later at LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY (27/2/02) and 'KAMPNAGEL' (Hamburg, 15/5/04 as part of Eat It - Theater & Essen, 8/5/04 - 24/5/04). Both pieces are part of an ongoing project, which seeks to explore the possibility of formulating a post-modern performance etiquette with emphasis on creating different frames for the presentation of intimate performances. The following points are of particular research interest:

  • The individual spectator as participant and
    collaborator/the performer as observer
  • Performance as Provision (and as provisory)
  • The fragmentation and reconfiguration of the performer's body as source material(s) and object
  • Issues of scale/size in relation to performance space
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