Lead artists/researchers: Anne Hogan / Lauren Alexandre-Lasseur
Movement rehearsal direction: Vanessa Mildenburg
Sound: Sylvain Lasseur
Cast: David Black, Hannah Brown, Michael Cogan, Eleni Edipidi, Dirk Lambrecht, Gena Mann, Vanessa Mildenburg, Piers Parrera, Patrick Ross, Sarah Tullamore

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In 16th and 17th century Scotland and England, witchcraft and the threat of evil were dominant concerns, not only among the general populace, but among authors, magistrates, clergy and the monarchy itself. Thousands of people were imprisoned, tortured and burned at the stake as the witch craze spread across Europe. This frenzy provoked a plethora of impassioned discourse including King James VI's "Daemonology", Reginald Scot, Esq.'s "The Discoverie of Witchcraft", and Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

WEAVE probes the historical and contemporary relevance of this sociological phenomenon. Entwining movement as text, text as music, sound as illustration and historical discourse as dialogue, WEAVE explores the ceaselessly shifting boundaries of fantasy & reality, religion & law, good & evil, and ultimately choice & destiny. Juxtaposing dance and drama, ten performers WEAVE these intricate issues into a theatrical whole.

WEAVE will explore the following questions:

  • Artistically: Has movement and dance been used effectively to convey text and emotion? How effective is the use of movement and dance to convey text and emotion?
  • Artistically: Has the author effectively combined historical discourse, drama and contemporary writing to produce a viable dramatic theatrical text?
  • Artistically: Has the juxtaposition of dance, drama, sound and light been effectively woven into an enjoyable/viable theatrical whole…
  • Thematically: Are the historical and thematic links clear to the audience?
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