Re: Generations - International Perspectives on Dance of the African Diaspora

November 5th-6th, 2010 London Metropolitan University

Re: Generations - International Perspectives on Dance of the African Diaspora is an academic conference which will aim to share current practice and research in the field of 'dance of the African Diaspora'; explore and stimulate further research, documentation and new approaches to education and training in the field; and encourage new perspectives on the future of ‘dance of the African Diaspora’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Black dance’ or African Peoples Dance’). The conference will be planned and delivered by four partners – the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD), London Metropolitan University, State of Emergency Ltd. and IRIE! Dance Theatre. The key-note address, Researching Performance: The (Black) Dancing Body as a Measure of Culture, will be delivered by Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, Professor Emeritus (Dance Studies),Temple University, Philadelphia.

The conference partners invite submissions of abstracts of no more than 500 words for talks, lecture demonstrations, performances, films, classes, or other modes of presentation, which explore current practice in the field of dance of the African Diaspora. Submissions with a focus on practice-based research are of particular interest.  The conference proceedings will be documented, edited and published to add to the knowledge available to those interested in studying in this field.

Aims and Rationale

Re: Generations will give UK-based academics and artists in the field of 'dance of the African Diaspora' a platform alongside their International counterparts, in order to stimulate new developments in the field.

The aims of the conference are to:

1. Disseminate current International research in the field of 'dance of the African Diaspora' from the perspectives of dance studies (including dance history) and cultural studies.

2. Explore and stimulate research, documentation and new approaches to teaching in the field.

3. Examine discourses that will inform future practice in the field of dance of the African Diaspora, including questions around definition and terminology.

The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. on Monday April 12th, 2010. Submissions will be accepted by email only. Please direct emails to

About the partners

IRIE! dance theatre is Britain’s leading dance theatre company working in the field of African & Caribbean dance fusion. Founded in 1985 with the principal aim of heightening the profile of Black dance in Britain, the company set out to create a repertory of works reflective of the African Caribbean influence on the Black British cultural experience…

ADAD is a national organisation that supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora. We want dance of the African Diaspora to be visible and valued as part of the British cultural experience. ..

State of Emergency is an Arts Production and Management Company committed to the support, development and profiling of Black dance and choreography nationally and internationally. State of Emergency is at the forefront and pursues its vision through the driving force of The Mission programme, a unique umbrella of high quality performances, showcases, tours, festivals, artists’ training and professional development.  Since 1986 State of Emergency has provided development opportunities for hundreds of performing artists in the fields of dance and music. Across a wide range of activity, State of Emergency has a proven track record in developing talent and is proud of its associations with some of the leading names in the contemporary arts scene.

London Metropolitan University is one of the foremost providers of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and vocational education and training in Britain. Our courses are planned in consultation with employers and examining bodies in commerce, industry, the world of art and design, the financial services industries and other professions. The end result is high quality courses that are of direct relevance to their field.

The Facility is London Met’s ground breaking centre for performance as research. It was established in 2005 to commission, inspire, develop, investigate, support, challenge, disseminate and archive performance as research. It provides a creative an organizational structure for artists and researchers to draw upon and operate within. Over the past five years we have hosted a variety of international, national and local conferences, symposiums, seminars and events. We have supported a range of a researchers working in the fields of dance, theatre, music, applied performance and live art. The Facility builds on the excellent practice at Londonmet and makes links with the industry.

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